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Congratulations to *Brandon Shapiro* 16 yr/old kid who joined YourNight over 60 days ago! Brandon took a $10.00 Bill and turned it into over $1,000 Monthly Residual income. What would an Extra $1,000 per month do for your household? This is CRAZY!!

There are two types of people in Social Media.

1.The people who are creating Wealth for their Family and Generations to come; while social networking,Playing games,and having Fun!

2. The people who are wasting Precious time on social Media websites and Not Getting Paid a dime,But facebook,Twitter,& MySpace earned Billions of Dollars!

YourNight is sharing 55% OF the companies revenue with userbase.
By E.O.Y 2010 YourNight will have earned Over $10,000,000.00
Thats $5,500,000.00 Paid out to the Userbase.

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