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 A Doctor, a teacher, a farmer….wearing so many hats in this life, yet I still had not found my true vocation. My parents taught me to work hard, stressed academics, and most important they taught me that family love, morals, integrity, and service to those in need is paramount if one wishes to be fulfilled in life.

     So now I find myself an  entrepreneur in one of the world’s top Network Marketing companies, Jeunesse Global, growing my team in leaps and bounds and ready to teach and train India’s new Jeunesse distributors how to grow their own business.  I am getting to utilize my medical expertise because Jeunesse Global specializes in selling scientifically proven, adult stem cell enhanced anti aging and health care products that are second to none. These products have been developed by world renowned Nobel Prize nominated physicians. I am also getting to wear my teachers hat by providing solid teaching, training and leadership to my new Indian colleagues. Lastly as a farmer, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and work extremely hard to ensure the success of my team. Upon personal reflection, perhaps all these experiences have been the lead up to the most fulfilling part of my life.


   Jeunesse Global is in 139 countries, soon to be 140 with the addition of India. In six short years it has grown to the point of $1.1 Billion in sales for 2015 with projected sales of $2 Billion for 2016. Jeunesse Global received 12 American Business Awards this year including Best Company, Best Product and Fastest Growing Company. The whole business is mobile utilizing two apps and the website provided to each distributor. The support offered from the company’s leaders and head office is exemplary. The compensation plan is generous giving the distributors multiple avenues to earn a living and the rewards offered are endless. The products that Jeunesse Global offers in its YOUTH ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM are revolutionary and because of patents pending cannot be duplicated. I personally use all of the products and so I am able to share how they have enhanced my health, beauty and well being.

      It is an exciting time in India, with all the wildly successful start up companies utilizing mobile means to strengthen India’s economy. Jeunesse Global will now try to do its part in this same mission. It is my hopes and dreams that my team will lead the way in India and we will all share in the abundance of this amazing company and together benefit in spirit, mind and body.


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