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I just added this as a blog but thought I would also add in the forum - this information needs to reach everyone!


Firstly did you know that 95% of the vitamins on the market today are synthetic!

Did you also know that 97% of the vitamins are actually made by 4 companies!


This is amazing that not many people are aware of this and to be honest i wasn't either until recently and boy it scares me.  I keep telling people something changed in the last 20 years or so to make people so sick, and it has to be the food we are eating and our environment.


I recently watched The beautiful truth and it started to explain some of what i had been telling people, and also another reason for myself and my family to take action to start taking care of ourselves via self sufficiency and through this fantastic business model so that we are not caught up in the economics around the world.


We have been led to believe that what is on the shelves in our supermarkets are good for us - for goodness sake even some of the products have heart ticks and in the instance of Margarine it is only one molecule away from being plastic!  Now i am no pharmacist nor am i qualified to make any comments other than i have done my own research and yes i have to do plenty more and i have a desire to do so as i am uncovering so many untruths it is not funny.  But i believe that the problem with our health and our weight comes from the synthetic products we have been eating along with the chemicals in our households and the products we apply to our skin.


So go and test your vitamins for starters - I only learnt this today and I think you will be so surprised 

Heat your oven at 350deg celcius and put your vitamin in - if it is synthetic it will ooze a black tar substance.  If it is real food based vitamins it will brown like food does!  Now do you want to be ingesting this stuff - do you want your kids ingesting this stuff???? 


Below is a link to our American website (for information only) that will give you some help to check your vitamin bottles then do your own research you will be amazed and what companies are selling this rubbish.  It is time for a revolt and people to stand up for their health and not the pharmaceutical companies hip pocket!


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