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I have been “trying” to build a network marketing business for years. I was told to buy leads, buy sales aids, go to all the trainings and conventions, talk to friends and family, talk to strangers ( 3 ft rule ), learn these scripts, read these network marketing books, do 3 ways, learn phone skills, sell products, on and on and on…. And none of it helped me build a group or an income. All it did was get me in debt spending money I could not afford to spend. Not to mention the marital tension all this caused. This changed when I found Entrepreneurs United on a Facebook site. A team built OUTSIDE the opportunity, just makes sense. This group is working together, adding people to MY downline for me! People who already know how Network Marketing can change your financial future. Man...I wish I'd found this group sooner! If you'd like to join our group, we'd be happy to have you. We welcome all worn out network marketers with some spark left in them!

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