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Hi There,  

 What if you could play games for free...refer your

friends and if they win a win a car! 

What if a person anywhere in your 10 level network played a

game for FREE and won a $10,000 cash prize and you could earn 10% ($1,000.00)

What if you could get paid a share of the lifetime revenue

from the game players that you invited...for 10 Levels!

What if you could just make a post on Facebook and anyone that clicked from that post and played a FREE game would automatically drop into your down-line. No forms for them to fill out...nothing to do but play the FREE game.

Well now you can!

Vappey is a games platform that you can share with your friends via social media, email or word of mouth. You'll be able to play the awesome Vappey Games from June 9, 2014 when Games will commence and players start winning Cash while they play games for FREE, and the best part is that if your friends win a prize you do too. It's easy, If they win you win!

  We go live on June 9th and then it’s GAME ON! Do

not miss out on this amazing opportunity you have

right now to build a huge network of game players

and entrepreneurs.

Once we go live on June 9th, you’ll be able to watch your

commissions flowing into your back office as people in

your network start to play new games for free. When they

win great things such as cash, prizes, and trips, you’ll

earn a commission.

This is your chance to change your life and make your fortune – don’t miss it!


Get in now & secure your spot...



  Game Review


Have a profitable week!




Max Shehan


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