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I heard it was over 1.38 per litre!!!

I'm looking for customers OR people that want to be reps. The Bottom line is fuel is going through the roof and this treatment is helping Everyone World Wide. They are seeing really Awesome RESULTS in there FUEL COST. And yes I say fuel as it works for Anything that use's Petrol or Diesel. Heck people are using it All over the WORLD if you would like to learn more Send Me A Message!

If your like me you will see just how AMAZING this can be! Everyday someone drives their car & everyday millions across the world complains about the price of petrol/diesel/gas. Many people are saving everyday, and are getting a increase on how many miles they can drive per tank. I went from filling up 6 to 7 times a month down to only 4 tanks a month!! That's some AWESOME savings!!

Look forward to hearing from you!!

Put simply, XFT contains a compound which creates a longer, better burn in your engine. This allows your engine to burn much more of the injected fuel, instead of sending a good portion of unused fuel out the exhaust as emissions (like most engines do). Getting more efficiency out of the fuel that you already use means that your fuel economy improves and you save money.

XFT uses a combination of ingredients that work together to prolong the life of your engine. Detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization retardants work together to keep things clean and running smoothly. XFT also reduces friction, which means less wear on moving parts. The result is that parts of the engine and fuel system run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain.

Your engine is just like most other things. The cleaner it is, the better it works! As the cleaning process removes any carbon build up, the engine will run smoother, the vehicle will drive better and because of the better burning of your fuel, you will see increased horse power.

One very important benefit of using XFT is that it dramatically reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle or equipment. As we have said, it improves the combustion process in the engine, which in turn reduces the harmful emissions produced and emitted by your vehicle. We all want to do something for the environment that we get to enjoy every day, but often we don't know what to do. Well now you CAN make an impact by reducing the emissions coming from your vehicle.

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