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My Letter To Australian politicians Re The Car Industry.

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Dear Senator 


We can still save the car industry. I just
need to get your ear. Tony Abbott; and all politicians who will listen..

This is how; We just do what The Australian
Government did when they financed (printed the money) and  build the Snowy
Mountain Scheme.

The Australian Government should purchase Ford
Plant and equipment Holden Plant and Toyota plant. Then make cars under license
for 5 years until we design some state of the art Australian design

The plant and equipment could be purchased. The
new Australian BRAND cars designed and produced. Current
employees could become non unionized employee/share holders
in the new
companies formed. It's no good having a union with no industry or jobs. The
split; 50% share to Government (us the people) and 50% share in profits to
employee's, former union members.

The Australian Government could also take action
to lower the AUD which would help us export the Australian made cars. The AUD
should fall also; encouraging foreign investors pull out of Australia.

Just a reminder;  You are a public servant, you
work for the Australian people. Not a political party, the car industry, The
U.N., or World Bankers.
Your job is to listen to us; The Australian
Public; Your employer's.

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