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Hi Melissa,

Do you have a BeepXtra card?

If you have, you can sell all your goods to their members free of charge!

usha azad

James Kelly notes that there is a new auction alternative for sellers looking to list their items and not pay the high fees that they have become accustomed to at other well known auction sites.

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Also there is an affiliate program available to those wishing to earn an online income from these two businesses.

This is so cool. A friend of mine introduced this to me eight months ago. For free you can sign up for your own tool bar.
This is what you will get.
1. Yahoo search that pays 2.5 cents per sponsored results.
2.Cash Back shopping mall with over 1,500 stores.
3.Face book and you tube
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No wonder everyone is signing up.
Once you ssign up up share this with your friends.
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What has been your biggest obstacle in getting people to join your business?

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So sad ..many Nonprofits are cutting back because of the lack of funds.

Ourgv is the answer. Become an Ourgv  affiliate  today and help Nonprofits raise funds.

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These are what I do to put cash into my pocket:
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Submitting your site to the search engines

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Chris Agnes said:
Hello everyone

I'm with TriUnity International since Sep.06 and we just launched MGP.
Global Biz, 200 Countries Straightline pays 65% Payout!
Also$29 Affiliate, $10-1st, $3-2nd

Please watch this video:

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start building?

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Now, all you have to do is put it all together, set aside your fears
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Do you have the right pathway to follow?

I can help!

Chris Agnes
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Hello everyone

We have launched an Affiliate Program for our site now, so you can save even more on your printer cartridges and this is how you do it.

What you do is sign up on the website - Click Here to sign up.

1. Then login to your Members Area.
2. Go to My Account click on Affiliate Program
3. Grab your Affiliate Link (copy it)
4. Have your partner (or someone over 18) sign up using your Affiliate Link.
5. Buy your printer cartridges though your partners (or someone over 18) account and you get paid 50 cents for every cartridge purchased, or anything you purchase actually.
6. You can use the earnings to pay our site fees or just let it accumulate to more than $25 and we will pay you via PayPal.

Pretty neat way to do it.

Any questions just send me a message.



Melissa Wilkins said:
Hi everyone

If you have a printer connected to your computer then you should check out our site:

Check out our site by Clicking Here

We offer some of the cheapest OEM/compatible/remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges that can save you heaps. All our compatible/remanufactured have the same amount of ink as OEM cartridges and some have up to 80% more ink than OEM cartridges.

What a bargain, check them out (if your cartridge is not listed yet just send me a message and I will put it up for you). If you order and I find a better price I will give you the better price. I say that as I have 2,000 to put up and it takes a bit of time to do and I am really slow at doing them, so please forgive me.
Hi All

I just created a free business page at Apsense community. Please Visit

Visit to join Apsense



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