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Hi Michael, I've been neglecting this place too long now. I'll get more regular here, promise.

I am associated with a group of individuals online who mentor, coach and train persons who are currently or wish to become a part of the network marketing industry.


I know! "What's the catch?" Well, there really isn't one. Out of 10 people who download our free ebook, "Success In 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy (, 5 are not a part of a company so they become instant prospects for my business. Of the other 5, 2 will be able to determine, through our initial training and the book, that their company isn't such a good company to be a part of and they usually ask what company you're associated with and some join you. The other 3 remain happy with their own companies. We continue to train them anyway.

I invite you to download the book for free. If you like what it says, we can talk about getting you plugged into 10 live and interactive calls each week plus an archive of 100s of recorded calls to listen to at your leisure.

Here's the link again:


Chuck Fry
skype: chuck fry - fairmont, wv (still don't know how to use skype that well)
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Regards Michael
Hi Michael just wanted to let you know that a good friend has started only 5 days ago a fantastic social and business site very different from Team Building where you have to wait till the team grows and then usually we are put into a program that we have to pay monthly for.

Michael - Russell Westwood started the company 5 days ago with no referring and it is a one off payment of $27.50 and it will help put some money in our pockets while we are waiting for our businesses to grow.
I know a great deal of people in this who are friends and being new the line only goes down so far to 240 members who keep cycling. The social side of it is also enjoyable. Anyway have a look as I gain nothing by telling you other than paying it forward :-)
Vikki-Lee :-)
Startup is OMLY $1 no ongoing fees $1 thats it
Puts you in 14 Programs.
You can progress into these 14 programs with just
your $1 How good is that.
The support and training is superb and right here
In Australia.
What are you waiting for
Hello everyone

I would like to ask the question "How long is it since you have been kept awake at night because you are so excited about a new project?'

Well, I have to say this is happening to me and at this stage only a few hundred others !

We are a business that is creating sustainable solutions for members and helping others where humanitarian and environmental issues are crying out for assistance throughout the world.

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If you are looking for long term leverage, big upfront ROI, inspirational, experienced leaders and are fulfilled by helping others then you had better "get on the train before it leaves the station"
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Maureen Craig

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100% Australian made and owned. Makes ya proud to be an Aussie.


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