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Dear fellow members,


I like to share the announcement of a new global market edge with you:

My company Intrak is a R&D Hi-tech company based in Sydney - Australia since 2003; we at Intrak developed and owned a fully 11 international patented

Our latest patent technology is to reducing the Internet bandwidth consumption by up to a significant 80% over and above existing compressing technologies in video streaming, VC, IP security and other Multimedia Streaming.

Four different applications of the MVFU technology can be demonstrated in real-time (I tend to put these in the categories of Videoconferencing, Security and On-Demand & Live download/transmission) that could be examples of how to implement the technology into Global business markets (with mostly developed software and commercial ready brands)


A recent study reveals that In Japan alone the Internet energy usage is set to outstrip the Japanese electrical generation capacity as at 2005. MVFU helps to address the clogged network issue as well as helping to reduce the amount of power consumed by the Internet and bandwidth transmission bottlenecks.


Intrak’s strategy is to build value in the longer term proposition through a deal that is a license (regionally based)/JV/partnership (or combination) of the technology before approaching any of the big players (i.e. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung…)


Further, I’d like to emphasis the disruptive nature of this technology. For an appropriate organisation, the implementation of this technology is set to make for an extremely aggressive offering over current, for example in the “Netflix” Video Library/Streaming market.


We are open to engage in licensing/funding/JV/partnership to introduce the technology to global businesses, for more details please, contact me.




Ibrahim Nahla

Managing Director

INTRAK Australia Pty Ltd

Direct: +61 4 1461 9460


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