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It is over 30 years since I  first became interested in  the singles industry and personal compatibility. I've studied it from every angle. In 1980 I first got involved in computer matchmaking business after buying into a new concept start-up introduction agency in Melbourne.


In all that time I have been trying to find a small set of words to describe the perfect relationship. But I have failed.


The other day I broached the subject with my wife Suzanne and she set me straight.


I said to her. "Do you think we have the perfect relationship?"


She replied yes. So I said why?


She replied. "I put up with you and you put up with me"


Only my wife could have come up with that one! Ha! Ha!


Would you like to be involved in my new single business concept? If so ...


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would like to join

Michael, regd your wife's reply I agree with her 100% !

If we can't put up with our partners we will all be separating from each other after a year or two.

Nowadays, there is no give and take in a relationship and that is the saddest part of it all ........

its all ME and not US any more!

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