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Did you know 93% of Millionaires have been created from the Internet ,

Become a Co Owner in up to 45 Online companies all owned by the one company .

I am looking for expereinced sales professionals , entrepreneurs , networkers and motivated individuals to assist me develop our business throughout Austrailia , New Zealand and Around the Globe .

This Is A Global Business Partnership Opportunity ! ( Benefits Include )

* Share In

* 40% Ownership in over 60 Companies
* 80% Profits on all companies paid out to partners weekly
* 1% Turnover on each company paid monthly

Car Bonus , infinity bonus

Secure worldwide distribution rights with BONOFA now!

Bonofa is a Global Licence Network !

Company Facts:
Bonofa AG are an International Technology Company
Staff to date: 105
Formed: January 2012
Invested: to date 35 Million Euros
Members of DSA Switzerland
Security: 3 Government Security agencies working in an advisory capacity 
Legal teams: 3
Countries: 147

Reply with your motivation now !

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You can join in a new perspective , an international company ! Preliminary period from January to April 2014 .
Do not miss this chance!
GREEN LINE - One Line Online -
The company is registered in Dubai. Founder - David Parker - an experienced businessman from Canada..
Marketing Plan - Innovation ! All partners in a line , one below the other .
Payment of starter pack of 30 Euro for now only through PayPal. Will be added and other payment systems.
Skype - andreev691


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