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If you are like me, you have been stumbling around the internet marketing world, jumping, or falling from project to project, offer to the next offer and very little to show for my efforts over the past 18 months.

Why, well because I keep getting distracted and enticed by a myriad of how do I set this up, where do I get the info for that. Can I do it for free etc etc.

…and guess what? I don’t finish half the things I’ve started because I don’t feel I have the expertise. I have to learn everything step by step. I’ve done 50 online courses and spent more money than I’ve earned, so guess what, I go for cheap or free traffic so it doesn’t cost me any more!

Sound familiar? So now I’ve stumbled upon Empower Network after seeing all the ads whilst surfing to try and generate free credits and I’ve just seen it as yet another online system making some guru rich.

In the end, I just listened for more than the five or 10 seconds that I saw as just plain annoying. For once, I didn’t turn the sound off and what I heard caught my attention. Sure, it sounded like there were lots of freebies or cheapish “training”, but they had a system of blogging that was viral and was already set up and raring to go.

What have I got to lose? I really hope this isn’t another one of those that I chalk down to “gaining experience”.

So now I’ve paid my initial outlay and set up my affiliate profile etc. What next? They have a fast tracking system using what they call the 8 core commitments in making money from blogging online that a couple of really smart guys saw as the essential package in making it happen. So, off I go to start on these “commitments” and I’ll keep you posted.

My name is Garry Heywood and here is the start of my journey.

See my story here

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