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I've been doing this for a long time and built sizable organisations and still receive on going residual income for work I did years ago. We have all seen the hype in opportunities that fade.
Overwhelmingly the record for start up business is failure. Most opportunities don't last one or two years.
Can I suggest criteria to selecting winners?

What is the most important ingredient to success? Teaming up with professionals.
Professional proven company leaders has to be no 1.
    I've seen too many companies crash and burn.
Never get into a start up.
    They have teething problems and stutter along without reaching momentum,
    only rarely does a company make it to $100 mill
Product category with huge market.
    Wellness and personal care products have the best track record
Exclusivity of product.
    Yes this is important too because there is not much point if there are multiple opportunities
Personally I go with Science over testimonials because everything has testimonials.
Compensation plan has to reward the workers.
    This can be covered in a separate discussion all by it's self -
    basically some compensation plans suck.
     Would you pay this price even if there was no opportunity attached?.
What can 25 years & 7 PHD's come up with?
    Did I mention that 5 of the owners and managers have individually created Billions in sales
    in conventional  business. Nice people to chat with, click on the photo of us below @ Hyatt.
    Great ambience and view, wish you were there.
Please have a look at this video and get back to me with your questions.
I'll be flying overseas again several times next year to help the expanding market.

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