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My name is Lina Hajas. I am from Romania but...I have something lovely related with Australia:) My sister lives there for 31 years. This is the reason I have subscribed.

I have seen there is a posibilitty to share the new launched business. Since I am doing marketing online and I love it(it is a passion already) I would like to share with you - with your permission - two of the newest IM programs online. The owners are well known  and trustful persons.

The first program is - Your Viral Banners

Please read below about the oportunity. Thanks. 

 Now, that power comes to banner advertising focusing on results and giving you the best tracking available so you know what is working and what isn't.

If you want more results from your banner advertising, then Your Viral Banners is a must have tool!

Your Viral Banners has launched, bringing the focus on results to your banners that run on sites across the internet.

Your Viral Banners works like a self-optimizing banner rotator.

You load all your banners into the system and then use the Your Viral Banner rotator code on all the sites where you can display banners.

Every time one of your banner is displayed, they pick one from your list at random. They track where it was shown and whether it was clicked on.

They then report back to you which banners are getting the best conversions across all the sites you display banners on.

It will automatically remove the banners from rotation that aren't getting clicked, making sure that your banner impressions are getting you signups and sales.

Best of all, you control all your banner campaigns from one place. No logging into dozens of sites to add a new banner.

Did I mention that it is free to use?

Today, you get to join first and get "ahead of the curve".

>>> Click To Join Your Viral Banners Now!

To Your Success,

Lina Hajas


Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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One Week In ... One Million Banners Tracked

One week since the site launched, and we passed 1,200 members this morning.  

Even more impressive is that we have almost 4,000 banners in the system and are tracking over 200,000 banner views per day.


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