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There is a wonderful opportunity for Australians to take up the challenge to lead Australia in a new direction.
Australia has been betrayed by uninformed or globalist politicians Liberal.Labour and Green and even Independents.
Where is Australia going wrong? Australia is split into two; at present.
We have the original 1901 Australian Constitution that is still in effect and which trumps any other law or legal situations.
We then have a totally illegal 1986 Australian Constitution set up as a registered company under the control of Washington DC a privately owned corporation.
More information search google for Australia and Australian States registered companies of Washington DC  More Information
Australians need to be informed of the depth of this deception.  It is; and has eroded  the sovereignty of this Nation, Australia, and has been embedded through The Federal Government, all State Governments, The Legal system, Law Courts (State and Federal) Federal and State police and even to (the not yet legal) Local Councils. Daily newspapers an television stations controlled by big money, do not report the truth about what is happening to Our Nation. They are entirely silent. Many schools and Universities are teaching a curriculum set up by The United Nations to indoctrinate our children. Check your children books to find evidence of what I am telling you.  Great Book The deliberate dumbing down of America By Charlotte Iserbyt
There are thousands of good Australian people being indoctrinated through false propaganda are being fooled by false causes and charities which have been set up to help, dumb down the unwitting people of Australia. Signing petitions does nothing; but build a list for the distribution of more false causes an globalist propaganda.
The United Nations using I.C.L.E.I. Group and similar groups in all Australian States including Tasmania (under different name) is trying to rule our Country. They have local Councils that they control, and they want these illegal local councils made a third level of Government. This would give the U.N. and socialists ultimate local control through corrupt UN controlled groups including The World Bank which controls charities and asks Governments for more and more money.
The only way forward for good thinking Australians is to turn off the TV an educate themselves and their children about the real problems we face. Then join a good online current affairs communities, Like Just Grounds Community and also join a political party or local council or join a good fight back group.
You can win any battle if you know the right tactics to use. We are fighting a small bunch of 300 very wealthy evil people.
Expose them and they have nowhere to run. Australians inform you local councilors politicians and neighbours to what is happening.
Many will join you in fighting back.
They control The Vatican City, The City Of London and Washington DC corporations. They have thousands of offshoot organizations. Do some research and you can find them.
Knowledge and action will set us free.  Coming soon a list of groups to join who are fighting back. 


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A Good Way To Start Fighting Back. See Video The Light Bulb Conspiracy.

Then email you local politician (email addresses below) and tell them we want to purchase safe old style light bulbs.


People Should Email All Our Politicians. Email Addresses Found Below.


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