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American Politics - Save Australia

Australians are waking up and claiming liberty and their own Constitutional Rights. Ron Paul is doing this in the U.S.A.

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For Liberty Re-cut - Ron Paul 2012 Handout DVD HD

For Liberty Re-cut - Ron Paul 2012 Handout DVD HD


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Two Good Reasons To Support Donald Trump!

The War On MenFake News USAAmanda Stoker AustraliaContinue

Tags: Stoker, Amanda

Started by Michaelng Clayton Oct 30, 2018.

Meet The Real President Barack Obama

Obama: “Order and Progress Can Only Come When Individuals Surrender Their Rights to an All-Powerful Sovereign”…Continue

Tags: soverigh, Personal, rights, anti, christ

Started by Michaelng Clayton Jun 10, 2014.

What got judge Napolitano fired from Fox?

Actually he wasn't fired from Fox, but his show FreedomWatch was cancelled and all his libertarian staff for that show was laid off. Here is the video that the Fox couldn't handle, because it shows the TRUTH, which is that BOTH political parties…Continue

Tags: About, Truth, politics, In, USA

Started by Michaelng Clayton Jan 4, 2014.

Dr. Bob Bowman Summarizes the Left - Right Paradigm..

Dr. Bob Bowman Summarizes the Left - Right Paradigm.. the Real Terrorists.. Corporatism.. NWO.. HDContinue

Tags: Real, Paradigm, Terrorists, Corporatism, NWO

Started by Michaelng Clayton Aug 22, 2013.

In Farewell, Ron Paul Offers Hope Despite Looming Economic Implosion

After spending more than two decades in Congress vigorously standing up for liberty, peace, sound money, free markets, and the U.S. Constitution, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), a hero to constitutionalists and libertarians all over the world, offered a…Continue

Tags: Facinf, The, United, States, Future

Started by Michaelng Clayton Dec 4, 2012.

Ron Paul's Congressional Farewell Speech - C-SPAN 11/14/2012

The USA will collapse, China will slow, Australia will stop to a crawl. Be Aware And Plan Ahead. Australia follows the U.S.A.. There is a high likelihood of major War soon in the Middle East. You must understand that the new word order and U.N.…Continue

Started by Michaelng Clayton Nov 16, 2012.

What Is America In For Now? What will wake people up? maybe the picture.

What will wake people up? maybe the picture.How Obama Will Force You Into the Stack’n Packs Agenda 21Russell Scott said:The real brains…Continue

Started by Michaelng Clayton Nov 14, 2012.

America on the Brink: The Great Fiscal Cliff of 2012-13 — ... IMMEDIATELY!

This is precisely why it’s absolutely vital you view my NEW video —Watch Video For Free!…Continue

Started by Martha Busher Sep 25, 2012.

United States Budget Delemma

A Budget That Cannot Be Balanced  Continue

Tags: United, States, Delemma, Balanced, Be

Started by Michaelng Clayton Sep 25, 2012.

Congressman Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012Continue

Tags: Sanctions, August, 1, 2012, Iran

Started by Michaelng Clayton Aug 3, 2012.

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Comment by Jim McKirdy on July 20, 2012 at 0:31

Being a American Voter; the people of the United States only have one choice for President. I would hope our people would all vote for Ron Paul. He is the only person that does what he says. We need a real change in Washingon DC not lip service like today's runners. Now you know how I am going to vote.

Comment by Michaelng Clayton on May 17, 2012 at 20:33
R0n Pauls Only Real Opponent
Ron Paul Would Easily Defeat Barrack Obama
Click to read about Mitt Romney
Comment by Michaelng Clayton on February 14, 2012 at 22:57

2012: Breaking Point


How can mankind have been so blind that they followed a path and did not even consider what lay at its end? It is an end to which mankind is taking the last few steps towards. Those who do not awaken will find themselves in a world without empathy, compassion and love. Life will be worth less than that which has no life. It will be everyone for themselves.

Mankind will not be saved by their established religions, for they have only served to blind mankind even further than they were. Religion itself has been used to divide mankind, and to cause them to condemn and kill each other in the pursuit of supremacy.

Mankind will not be saved by beings from another planet because there are none. Who but fools or conquerors would dare set foot on a world so selfish, violent and ignorant of Truth, a world whose inhabitants are in an endless struggle against each other. How could such a struggle be ended, except by an even greater force and fear than mankind already uses against each other?

Mankind will not be saved by the rulers of the world, for if it were possible, it would have been done already. It is not possible because such people seek only power and wealth, and these things are only gained by deceit, force, and the manipulation of others. It is not equality they seek but domination. They are the vain, prideful, self-serving who create fear and set people against each other. They obtain office by deception. They enter as servants and sit as masters. They pretend to be religious yet their only religion is materiality. Even now they are preparing the children to abandon all things spiritual so that they will become willing slaves in a world without morals or a God. They will cover the earth with death as they cull mankind to a more manageable level.

Science will not save mankind for it is in the hands of those who rule. It is not the scientific achievements that are known to many that are the greatest danger, but rather it is the science known only to the few in power that should be feared.

The end of the path is not yet reached but for those who care to look, it can be seen, and refuge can be found.  Read More

Comment by Michaelng Clayton on January 21, 2012 at 20:55

Hello All

Ron Paul Has By Far The Most Online Name Google Searches

US Election 2012 v Google: can search data predict the Republican p...


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