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Australian Business Contacts Ning Community August 2014 News Letter.

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Friends Small Business In Australia Is On The Improve. We should help each Other Cash In!


How to use Australian Business Contacts Community to improve your business.

Members please visit our community and read blogs articles and join some interest groups. Make more friends at every opportunity. You can do this simply by liking posts or blogs. You can promote other members or ABC friends by giving them a like on Facebook Linked In or Twitter.  You can sent ABC members a friendship request or comment on their articles or posts..

By adding many friends; later when you start a group or do a blog or write an article you can invite all your friends with one click. 

Also if you have a blog or web page, add the community badge.  The more nice people we have here at our community, the better it is for all of us.

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Friends get more web site traffic. If you have a high volume of exposure  to your web pages, then you get more search engine visitors. The more genuine visitors you get; the more sales and contacts you make. This will help you increase your online income.

Good traffic exchanges to join.

Google Impact Challenge Australia


Google Impact Challenge 2014

Australian non-profits can win unto $500,000 with Google's Impact Challenge. Must use tech to qualify. Applications close end of July.


Google Impact Challenge Australia



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