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Australian Business Contacts September News 24th 2014 News Letter.
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How To Succeed In Business Online!

Having people to market to is the key!

For people thinking of starting an online business the key to success is making many friends and online contacts in advance of setting up their business.. Do this by joining communities, forums and online networking and meet up groups. Join many and make lots of friends.

Do this well in advance of even selecting your online business or affiliate program. This will help you succeed as when you select and start your business you will have lots of people to send marking material and to sell to.

Existing online businesses should do this also. Remember there will be about a 90 day delay to get a sale once you identify suitable people and actually start making sales.


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Friends get more web site traffic. If you have a high volume of exposure  to your web pages, then you get more search engine visitors. The more genuine visitors you get; the more sales and contacts you make. This will help you increase your online income.

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