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My computer keeps blocking the site saying Google has found Malware and illegal things could be downloaded to my computer if I continue.

it contains content form who distribute malware.

What should I do?

I don't want to download a virus or anything else that could harm my computer?

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Hello Jacalyn

Another member here Des Beer has the same problem. This is a virus. You need to run an anti virus check. There is trend micro or you can download free

Jacalyn give me a call 0393607375 or get me on skype rexiedexie1 if your computer will let you.

Also there are several members here at Australian Contacts that are experts. If you still unable to fix problem let me know I will send out a CALL to all MEMBERS here.

Regards Michael

Thanks Michael,

I read this after I sent you a email.

How do I get into Orange Leads if this warning still comes up?

I am running AVG on my laptop now just to be safe.



Hello Jacalyn

I also use AVG You can just ignore warning if you know site is safe.



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