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Over the past 10 years my web page have had well over 20 million visitors.

Well over 90% of my traffic has come from auto surf traffic exchanges and thousands from click surf exchanges.

To be successful with getting sign ups from you programs with traffic exchanges you must surf them on a regular basis. I surf for an hour before evening meal time as it helps me wind down.

You will not get a real lot of sign ups per web site visitors from traffic exchanges, but the people who do sign up from traffic exchanges are motivated and good to have in your down-lines. Traffic exchange surfers  are do'ers and these are the type of people who will succeed online.

Having lots of traffic to your sales web pages will also help you get more  search engine visitors as search engines give preference to sites already getting big traffic. If you sales pages get big traffic from surf for traffic programs they will also get more search engine visitors.

See 30 Good Traffic Exchanges I Use

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