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Australian Business And Online Affiliate Contacts


100% of all members earn commissions every 6 days! Erase your minds white-board and please do not try to compare to Binaries or any other comp plans you have seen before.. It's not the same -- it's easy!


• It is the easiest way to bring in others that has ever been developed

• You are growing your ‘Social Profit Pool’ as you refer others

• Don’t think downlines
• Pays out 10 times a month
• 1st 4th 7th 10th 13th 16th 19th 22nd 25th 28th
• Spinfinity Rotations occur every 3 days (72 hours)
• Spin is at Midnight
• i.e. July 19th Midnight EASTERN going into 12:00:01am on the 20th
• As we go live with the first Business — iGoBidWin — There are 5 participation levels
• $10 - $25 - $50 - $75 - $100
Spinfinity Overview
Keep it Simple … Because it is Simple
Want to EASILY get paid over 20 times every month? Learn the Power of Spinfinity!
How easy is it to get paid over and over and over again ... Very Easy! The example outlined on the following pages shows just how quickly great things happen when you refer others … The following examples assist you in comprehending the POWER of Spinfinity and how BIG of a Paradigm Shift this platform is.

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