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I would appreciate it if you would assist me with a little information before I send an email to future clients.  I do not want to send them emails that will run them away.

I would appreciate it if you could give me some idea of an approach to contacting these clients.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Holiday!! 

Neenah (Queen)




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Hello Neenah.

I suggest that you get your own email sending program. You can get GROUP MAIL free here.

For existing clients or prospects create a member list.  Then only send informative information and have an opt out option.

To expand your client base you can do this by separate emails to friends offering them a free advertising site.

If you are in existing programs like Adlandpro become an affiliate and build a contactable list. You can do this with many other communities also.

People will stay on your list if you only send one email per month and it has interesting content and a reminder to use the program that got you the email address in the first place.

Nina hope this helps you.

Hello Neenah,

I read somewhere recently that if you try to promote your product or service to future clients, that will send them running.  The trick is to promote the BENEFITS TO THEM of using your product or service.  I have tweaked my ad copy to highlight the benefits to the client first and foremost and am monitoring to see if there is an increase in leads.  




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