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Let's all learn how to be truly happy and content. 
I've been marketing online for well over 10 years yet have only met a few people who have actually  
earned money online and are happy with their life. 
So why do so many people fail at online business and why are so many people not truly content and happy? 
Why is the World in crisis, How can we change this? 
The real rulers of the World have created a system where the average person is kept down and involved and always under pressure, so much so, that they cannot see the light, or the light at the end of the tunnel. 
So how can we be happy; feel a sense of achievement, and not only improve our own lives but the lives of all on the planet. 
Firstly cut back on any commitments that are not vitally important. 
Spend a little time to know where our Country and the World is heading. 
Really get to know people you deal with in business, choose to deal with the people who are truly honest and caring. 
You will always get a better deal if know the person. 
The real truth is with today's technology and science and the right political system 
everyone on Earth could be living a dream lifestyle. We could be working toward 
a system where money and jobs that produce nothing of value to the community can be dispensed with. 
If the world; led by Australia, introduced a new system we all could work only 30 hours a week. 
We could all be truly happy and content living in a World of peace happiness and prosperity. 
The World money system will soon again be in crisis and people will need guidance. 
Learn all you can about the true rulers of the World, politics and the Venus project. 
You could be one of the people who change the World; for good and forever. 
See The "Secret" of Success - Revealed - It's all about Helping Others! and

Communication is not just about words.

Americans Support Ron Paul See  

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Why is it hard for people to make money online? Simple answer: They really don't want to. Wait! I ain't talking about their not needing the money, I'm talking about their not wanting to do what it takes to make the money. If you were to walk up to someone with a check, they would readily accept that. But to get out of their comfort zone for 20 seconds and approach somebody either in person or online about a business opportunity? Ohhh No!

If it does not cost a person time,energy, or money, they are all for it. Get somebody to sign them up and let the person who signed them up do all the work, they will be there in a heartbeat. And of course there are others who are making millions because they understand that the effort and sometimes a supreme effort has to be made in order to get what they want. A gentleman told me the other day that there are few people making money online using Affiliate Programs. Wonder why that is? I think 1. A lot of people have been burned by unscrupulous people. I know firsthand. I was in a program called Movie Club Plus that morphed into A Better Universe and one morning I went to the site and poof! it was gone. Before that, I had just started with Excel and one morning...But..there are other entities that have been out here in this vast wunnderland a long time and they are still producing good results.

2. People get the idea that online selling is a Pyramid Scheme. Hmm...let's look at that. What does a Pyramid consist of? It has a Top,Middle, and Bottom. O..kay! I am suspecting that you have heard of the Roman Catholic Church right(And before you get all ugly and stuff, I could have used the National Baptist Convention of America, The African Methodist Episcopals, The Church of God In Christ, or The Mormons or for that matter any group or Organization.)How is that entity structured? Well, let's see: You have the Pope at the top, the Cardinals in the middle, and the people at the bottom. You get the picture right? In terms of structure, is anybody complaining? Everything goes to the top and sprinkles down as far as it is going to get. So...why the fuss about a Business Opportunity? It too has a top,middle,and bottom. Ohhh! You mean Pyramid in like,"sign-up today and I'll do all the work for you" Or, "Spend x amount of money today and get $10k back by the end of the week." Well..if anybody is stupid enough to fall for that, it is nobody's fault but the person that got involved. Nothing worth its salt is successful overnight. Or, without work.

People will line up for blocks in snow, heat, and rain for a chance to win half a billion dollars via Lott; They will get up at 4AM to make sure that they are the first in line or at least in the first 100 for a Brick and Mortar and they will apply for Public Assistance without giving it a second thought(and I ain't gwine there cause it would take a Library of books to talk about that)but ask them to do something for themselves that will help eradicate the Cycle of Lack that has plagued them and their families for generations and you can hear them now,"I ain't good at selling." You are a lie! Sorry. I am 66 years of age and don't have time to placate or place nice with folks. Question: How many('cuse me Lord for this)Grown-ass folks do you know who walk out of their house headed anywhere that are half dressed? Yea, yea, I know. There are some females who have not been taught correctly but they are few and far between. But I am talking about the majority of people. How many women do you know that on purpose walk out the door with one high heel on and nothing on the other foot? How many men(forgive me ex father-in-law who is now deceased)come out of the house with a plaid pair of pants on and wearing a striped coat? Who comes out their house looking liked they wrestled all night long? Not many. Why? Because they are SELLING themselves. Why can't that translate to a product or service? I spoke earlier about the "20 second rule" And it simply means that for 20 seconds you get out of YOUR way and approach a perfect stranger or someone you've known for years and talk to them about what you have become passionate about. 3. People look at other people and think,"he or she won't be interested in this." Or, they walked out the house with a bright yellow sock on one foot and on the other they have a black sock and you say,"they ain't got the money for this." In both instances, they could be wrong. In fact, in most cases, they will be wrong. But. they will never know will they? All because they are afraid of selling themselves.  But...there is no problem asking a family member or friend over and over again to borrow something until times get better.

The kids are suffering. The person is suffering but no effort is being made to bring an end to the suffering. (Now here is where the pens and pencils will REALLY fly)I can hear them saying,"The Lord will provide. I look to him for all of my needs." Uhhuh! And what does scripture say about the person that isn't providing for himself or his family?  All this dedication to Church and God and yet food is in short supply and money is short for the bills that need to be paid. Yes, God will and does provide. However...why must all  of the burden be on him? He has given 5 senses and a good brain and 6 days to use them. Wouldn't you have more to praise God for if you and your family were on solid footing? What if the person could give enough money to the Church to pay off the bills? What if they were able to give more than the 10%? Now...don't get me wrong. I love the Lord too and I know that he has heard my cry and pitied my every groan. But that does not mean that I am not doing my part to insure that the Cycle stops with me. How about you?


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