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Top 10 tips for getting seed funding for your startup

One of the biggest challenges facing people starting out on the path of establishing a new business is getting the funds to do it.

The digital age has made it much easier for so many more people to make their business dream a reality, but growing a business often takes more than just a website and determination.

To really grow a business from an idea to a revenue-making enterprise often takes money. It can be your own money if you’re lucky enough, or money from family and friends, but not everyone has access to such sources of capital.

The next stop for most aspiring business owners is a visit to the local bank for a chat with a business banking advisor.

Banks have come a long way in the past few years when it comes to understanding the needs of small business people, but it can still be a slog convincing them your idea is right for them, especially if your idea is so disruptive or out of the ordinary that the bank finds it hard to get where you’re coming from.

There is also good old-fashioned credit card debt, which comes with its own range of risks and pitfalls.

Capital raising concepts such as crowdfunding, angel investing and seed funding have become a lot more popular and attainable in the past few years, especially in the realm of tech startups.

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Venture Capital companies may be approached and if they get convinced, they will participate in the equity of the company with clear cut exit terms. This VC financing is very handy for the first generation entrepreneurs. they will retain the ownership of the company and at the same time, seed funding and initial capital is provide dby VCF companies.

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