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Finally! A company that WANTS to put you fist. An inquiring mind wants to know:
Do you know of a company that has not increased its price for products or services since its inception? Real Time Pain Relief (herein after known as RTPR) hasn't.
Do you know of a company that PAYS you to train those that come in the business under you? RTPR does.
Do you know of a company that you can join for free, promote the website you are given and when orders come in, you accumulate points that can be used to purchase product and some really awe...some! Vendor Tools without your having expended any money? RTPR DOES.
Do you know of a company that has an Accountability component incorporated into its program? RTPR does.
Have you made "Your Vocation Your Vacation"? If not, I invite you to come and join me. Why spend money until you KNOW the program/product or sercie will work for you?

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