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3 Easy Steps to a Healthier Home

Pollutants commonly found in households can trigger asthma, allergies, chronic disease, and other negative health effects. You can protect your family’s health by adopting “eco-healthy” practices in every room in your home.

1. Open Windows

Often the most economical and efficient way to clean the air in your home is to just open that window and cross-ventilate. Consumer Reports magazine says that “just opening a few windows may do the job… even in the winter, cracking open a window a couple of inches won’t raise your heating bill by more than a few pennies an hour.” To control pollen from outdoor air, purchase a window filter.

2.  Replace Toxic Cleaning Supplies

First address the toxicity of cleaning products by reading the labels. Check for signal words such as caution, irritant, danger and warning. Our opinion is that it is best to not use any cleaning product with these labels. Many people are unaware that they can cause serious illnesses such as cancer.  Replace them with Sisel Safe cleaners (make sure to dispose of them at a household hazardous waste facility.)

3. Replace toxic personal care products with natural ones.

This applies to ANY product you put on your skin.  Even those products that claim to be “natural” or “green” may contain highly toxic ingredients. Select only Sisel Safe Products for your skin care.  
Your family deserves to be Sisel Safe.

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