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World Consumer Alliance Affiliate Pay Plan.

Our revenue share program is designed to pay everyone who purchases banner and text impressions from WCA. Whether you recruit or not, you can receive a percentage of the retail profit pool generated by our fast growing system. Below is how our Pay Plan works!

You may or may not be aware that a new phenomenon has been occurring online over the last 2 years or so that has completely transformed how people from all walks of life make money online. People with literally ZERO online experience, and who’ve made ZERO money online, have learned to make money online.

Now World Consumer Alliance has taken the already proven concept, applied all the upside potential, supercharged it, and now have simplified it even further. You will receive a fully functional marketing system that you will be able to use to market your WCA business or any other business you may have. This comes with video e-mail tracking, auto-responders, ebooks, landing/capture pages, broadcasting capabilities, text notifications and much much more...

“How much can I really earn with a system like this?”

If you aren’t excited yet, check your pulse. You can also earn a 15% Referral Bonus on all your team members up to 2 levels deep. So if one of your directly sponsored members purchases $2000 in advertising purchases, you would receive a 10% Referral Bonus of $200. So if you had 10 members direct to you who did this, you’d earn $200 x 10 = $2000… then whoever they bring in direct to them you will make an additional 5% of their advertising purchases. If you play with the numbers yourself you’ll begin to see how powerful this can truly be. See the chart below!

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