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A Good Way To Start Fighting Back. See Video The Light Bulb Conspiracy.

Then email you local politician (email addresses below) and tell them we want to purchase safe old style light bulbs.

People Should Email All Our Politicians. Email Addresses Found Below.



Also join the see True Australian Friends   and  Agenda 21 What Is It.

In Order To Start Fighting Back. You must understand differences in the law. See

Protect Yourself With The Australian Constitution

Also join the see more about The Common Law and

The Australian Constitution Here

Post From Sue Mains The Commonwealth of Australia

Sue Maynes Dave - for anyone who really wants to understand the constitution I would suggest reading Quick & Garron - the commentaries on the constitution. They are quite simple reading and what I found most interesting was that in most cases, every word in each clause was discussed so the intent could not be confused or be found misleading or such. The framers really treated the creation of this document as a vital task to the future welfare of our nation and cross-referenced it with every major constitution already in place in the world. Quick & Garron spent 10 years attending all the debates, conventions and etc and documented the whole process for us to read.

You can read it online

Or download a copy at From the open library link.

Post is From


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