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We The Australian People Own Australia - We Are Free People.

We The People Own Australia - We Are Free People.


You must remember this. In any legal matter make sure the laws are constitutional. You can beat any charge; local council, state ,of federal, if the issue or charges/laws are not constitutional.


I suggest you watch this whole series of videos. Also purchase a copy of The Australian Constitution at your Government Book store. Or if you are real serious get a copy of the

The annotated constitution of the Australian Commonwealth


You can purchase a copy of the Australian Constitution online also for under $20.00 or get a
bound copy through upmart.


Also See

CLRA – Community Law Resource Association

Formally CLRG (Community Law Resource Group)

U.P.M.A.R.T. Common Law Course


Read The Constitution Here  Read The Preamble


View Video Series
Below To See Why This Is So Important.



See all videos; follow the link to next video.

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All Australians should be very concerned. Read My Artilce

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