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Financial cops answer to a mafia boss / International fraud pushing war

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Comment by Michaelng Clayton on February 5, 2010 at 14:27
Hi All

Online we come across lots of friends, many do not speak good English so the must have a hell of a time understanding us when use our Aussie slang.

Here is a great tool if you need to translate

Good Free Site For Language Translation
Comment by Rita Pepper on February 5, 2010 at 7:48
Hi to all members I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on February 4, 2010 at 7:48
Hello to Weloveaustralia members hope each and everyone of you are well Regards from your friend Lori
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on January 30, 2010 at 5:38
Australia is considered to have one of the highest degrees of urban concentration in the world.
Despite the urban concentration, Australia has an average of three people per square kilometre, making it one of the lowest population densities in the world.
Australia's Parliament House in Canberra is one of the largest buildings in the southern hemisphere at over 300,000 cubic metres.
The average Australian will consume 165,000 eggs in his or her lifetime.
Melbourne's motto is Vires acquirit eundo (We gather strength as we grow)
Melbourne has a public holiday for a horse race each year: The Melbourne Cup.
Melbourne has the largest remaining tram public transport system in the world.
Australia's first television station was Channel 9, which opened in Sydney in 1956.
The most medals Australia has ever won at an Olympic Games was in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, a total of 58 medals.
One in every four persons is either a first or second generation settler to Australia, a trend started after World War II.
The average number of people per household in Australia in 1971 was 3.31, in 2006 this number has decreased to 2.6.
The average family has 1.65 children.
The average Australian will consume 18 beef cattle and 90 sheep in his or her lifetime.
22% of adults will never have children.
16.2% of adults will only have one child.
88% of Australians live in an urban area - this high concentration may be due to the arid conditions further inland.
The first ever car to be mass produced in Australia was the FX Holden (model 48-215). This was produced at Fishermans Bend, Victoria in 1948.
The median age for brides is 28.9 years of age (2006).
The median age for grooms is 30.9 years of age (2006).
34% of men will never marry (2006).
32% of women will never marry (2006).
The Great Barrier Reef is the longest reef in the world at over 2010 kilometres.
Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is the largest electorate spanning 2,225,278 square kilometres.
Australian women won the right to vote in 1902.
Main source of immigrants to Australia is from the UK and Ireland totalling 6.35% of all immigrants.
The second largest source of immigrants is from Australia's neighbour New Zealand; making 1.70% of all immigrants.
Australia is known as the smallest continent in the world.
Australia is three times larger than the largest island (Greenland) in the world.
The oldest skeleton to ever be found in Australia was believed to be 60,000 years old. It was that of an Aboriginal male, traces of ochre (a ceremonial paint used by Aboriginals) were also found.
The first ever meeting of the Australian Labor Party (also the first political party to form in 1891) was held under a gum tree at Barcaldine, Queensland.
Uluru (Ayers Rock) is over 8 kilometres in circumference.
Australia's first radio station was built in 1912.
The average Australian will consume half a tonne of cheese, eight tonnes of fruit and ten tonnes of vegetables.
© 2006
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on January 27, 2010 at 22:41
As everyone knows Aussies are as cunning as a dunny house rat, when it comes to a bargain or good deal and I found one
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on January 3, 2010 at 21:29
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on January 3, 2010 at 21:28
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on December 30, 2009 at 21:42
It's on the Nose
something stinks

In the Nuddy

wooden club used by Aborigines (made from very heavy and hard wood)

Aussie that likes beer, sport and women and uncultured

Off the Beaten Track
on a road not used very much, to no road at all or in a remote part of Australia

Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun
leaving very quickly

assistant or partner


Once over
giving something the look over or checking it out

One armed bandit
poker machine

On ya mate
(as in Good on ya) well done there mate


All right! Can mean great delight but could also be a protest at being asked to do something you don't want to do. Depends on the tone of voice

remote part of Australia

Bun in the Oven

how are you going?

Oy! or Oi!
a Aussie bush call


Pack of Poo tickets
toilet paper

put the cows out in the long Paddock
putting cows out on the road

on friendly terms with someone

Paper Yabber

Pash or Pashing
kissing and cuddling

Pat Malone
you are on your own, alone

Pavlova Pavlova - a rich, creamy Australian dessert
Queensland papaya (tropical fruit)


at work something good your employer supplies for nothing as a part of your job (and the taxman wants a part of)

annoy or bother someone

Pie floater
a meat pie floating in thick pea soup, usually with lots of sauce

Pigs arse not true
Pigs bum
that's wrong, or incorrect


someone who doesn't want to fit in with others socially, leaves parties early

Pink slip get the sack (from the colour of the termination form)
to arrest

Pissed as a family fart
very drunk, sometimes used to insult a young drinker

Pissed as a parrot

Pissed off
you are angry or unhappy with something

Plate of meat
your feet

Playing Possum
you are hiding yourself or try to keep something from someone

very cheap alcohol or sometimes refers to wine in general

Poddy dodger
cattle rustler

Pommy or Pom
English person

Pommy shower using deodorant instead of taking a shower
Pommy's towel, as dry as a very dry, (referring to Poms not showering often)
a bad smell or unpleasant odour

talking on the Porcelain telephone
vomiting into a toilet

Porkie a lie
feel like a Pork chop in a Jewish Synagogue
you feel out of it, in whatever situation

advantageous position, in good spot

postman, mail delivery person

285 ml glass of beer (VIC & Qld)

the Pot calling the kettle black
someone said something adverse about you and you reply with this slang phrase

Pot hole
hole in the road

automotive crash


the raw Prawn
easy to deceive

don't come the raw Prawn
don't try to put one over me, I'm not easily fooled


Proud as a rat with a gold tooth
someone is very proud of how they look or something they have done

hotel, place for buying and drinking alcohol

you are out of breath

Pull your head in mate
tell them to mind their own business

Pull up your socks
get your life in order or your act together


Put up or shut up
show you can do it or say it or keep quiet



not the full Quid
short on brains

Racing off
leaving quickly

Rack off
go now, in an angry way, get lost

Rafferty's Rules
every thing is a mess and mixed up, done all wrong, with no rules at all

the Rag

Raining cats'n'dogs
heavy storm & rain

not a nice person, sometimes used as an endearment

Reckon you are right
believe or think you're right

putting the Red steer into the paddock
burning off the paddock, putting fire to the paddock

relative or family

Ridgy didge
true or genuine article

okay or that's right

fast sheep shearer

replacement for the real thing, imposter

Rip off
you been cheated

smells Ripe
smells off or bad

it's a Ripper
it's really great

it's a Ripsnorter
something is really great

Road train
multi-trailered semi trailer

Doing a Roaring trade
you been doing a lot of business

very tired

very ill tempered or angry

You got the Rough end of the pineapple
you got a bad deal or the bad end of something

Rug up
dress warmly

you'd have to Run around in a the shower to get wet
you are very thin

salvation army worker.

a sandwich.


queensland - large beer glass, south australia a medium beer glass.

instant lottery ticket

Scrub Up
what you look like when your dress up - ready to go out.

cattle running in the wild - or rough females.

an american

Septics Tanks
yanks - people from the usa

petrol station

a woman

underhanded & dubious

Shoot Through
leave - get out - disappear. [piss off]

your turn to buy or purchase a round of drinks.

day off work with pay because of real/pretended illness.

Silly Buggers
people that waste time - mess around - generally fools.

an australian or kangaroo.

to brag or boast, about yourself.

to drink a beer without taking a breath

24 bottles or cans of beer [a carton]

verandah on the house - converted to a bedroom.

drovers camp ... cook's assistant.

work break - cup of tea / coffee or time for a cigarette.

sausage - meat minced and packed into a skin. [bbq]

crybaby - winger, soft, tame, inoffensive.

being sick - upset or really mad.

Spit the Dummy
get uncontrollably [very] upset at someone or something.

caught doing something ...

good-looking - hot - sexy or spirited.

have a look - check it out.

not where the trains stop - but a big farm or grazing property

nosey person, someone who minds other peoples business.

happy - very pleased.

trousers or pants

australian english.

an exclamation - expressing surprise or verification.

umbrella - brolly.

men's shorts or a 375ml. bottle of beer.

sun bathe - getting a tan

made a fool of - duped - conned - taken advantage of.

sun glasses - shades.


totalisator agency board - betting shop.

Ta / Tar

Tall Poppies
successful people.

an offensive or derogatory word describing a woman.

organise something or make an appointment.

rubber sandals - flip-flops (suitable for beach footwear).

can of beer or lucky.

on the move or restless.

swim suit.

Top End
far north of australia

dacks or track suit pants.

truck driver

True blue
genuinely australian - original, one of a kind, patriotic.

clean up - bath - wash or shower.

food - eats - grub - nourishment.

turpentine, a reference to an alcoholic drink or used for cleaning paint brushes.

gambling: throwing two coins in the air simultaneously (heads or tails)

Undies underwear - clothing worn next to the skin.
victoria bitter, a beer.


Vee Dub

Vegde Out
relax in front of the tv

st. vincent de paul's society (charity - thrift stores & hostels)

a person that keeps making mistakes.

someone from sydney's western suburbs

dock-or water front worker - cargo mover.

complain - belly ache.

a coward; nervous person or animal.

xxxx four x beer found in NSW
chat - talk - conversation.

small australian fresh water crayfish.


a story.

a - loutish or surly youth.

a real long period of time.

Your Shout
it's your turn to buy a beer.

catch some Z's
go for a sleep

Zebra crossing
broad striped paint lines as a pedestrian crossing of a roadway

really really tied

Regards Lori
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on December 30, 2009 at 21:37
Aussie Slang Unique to us, part.2 Earbashing a length discussion/explanation
Eat a horse very hungry
Elbow grease a hard difficult job
Ekka the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show
Esky large insulated box which you put ice bricks in, to keep food and drink cold
Exy expensive
face fungus beard
fair crack of the whip give me a chance
Fair suck of the sav give me a fair go
Fair dinkum real, genuine, true.
Fair go mate give me a chance
Fag cigarette
Fart ass around to mess about and not do something properly
old Fella penis
Fella male, person
Few sandwiches short of a picnic slow witted, not all together
Five finger discount stealing, shoplifting
Flake shark, sold in fish and chip shops
Flake out lie down, collapse, to concede or not turn up
Flash as a rat with a gold tooth dressed and groomed nicely
Flat out like a lizard drinking to do something fast
I suppose it was Fred Nerk i suppose it was someone imaginary
Front someone to confront someone
Fruitcake mentally unstable
Full as a Fairy's phone book not full, empty
Full as a boot drunk, intoxicated
Full of it someone is full of it if they are a liar
Funny as a fart in an elevator not funny
Funny farm mental institution
Ga day, Gidday or G'day
to say hello, a friendly welcome

loud, rudely behaved person, an insult (a galah is a loud bird)

what's your Game
what are you up to, something going on that is wrong

you're Game
if you have a go at something others think or find difficult, they say you're Game or brave

have a Gander
have a look

Garbo, Garbologist
Garbage collector

talking a lot

Get the shits to become angry, upset or short tempered
a large rock or a desert (as in the Gibson Desert)

I need to Go!
you want to go to the toilet

give a Gobful to abuse or give someone a verbal spray
it's a Goer
something that will definitely occur, that you have been trying to make happen

Go for broke to put in 100% effort
Going like hot cakes
something selling or given away very fast

Gone round the bend
gone crazy or mental

Gone to the dogs
something or some place, is no longer any good

Good as gold!
something is great

Good oh

the Good oil
to tell the truth on something

Good on ya
you are happy with what they are doing

full as a Goog

Someone that is not to smart, silly

come off the Grass!
do you think I'm stupid or gullible?

Green around the Gills
you are feeling queasy, sick often referring to hangovers

you dirty Grub
dirty eater or dirty child

go eat some Grub
go eat some food

hop into the Grub
start eating food

sheep or cattle farmer (usually in a big way)

Gregory Peck
your neck

Grinning like a shot fox very happy
complaining person


Grommet an idiot or a young surfer/skater
you are a Grot
you are very dirty or untidy

something is great, terrific

Grub food, a meal
usually an older person who habitually complains.

Guffing off
someone who is lazy

someone who lives in the state of Victoria

down the Gurgler
down the plug hole, something has failed

Hair of the Dog
alcoholic drink taken to relieve a hangover.

Half your Luck
congratulations - envy - a best wishes blessing.

Handle beer glass with a handle
you try to talk the price down

Put Hairs on ya chest
someone that if you eat this or drink this you will become a man

Hang out
spending time out, usually with friends

Happy as a pig in mud
very happy

Handles like a dog on lino (linoleum)
your car or whatever handles very badly

someone with closed mind, but they might not think so or a tough guy

Hard yakka
hard work - tough.

plenty, a lot

first (alcoholic) drink of the day.

to vomit - be sick - throw up.

Hit the Hay or Hit the sack
go to bed to sleep

Hit the Frog and Toad
Hit the road, leave, usually said by a visitor when they are ready to leave

Hit your kick
open your wallet

Hooley dooley an exclamation of surprise, similar to "holy crap"
hooligan, a lay about, someone who drives dangerously fast

goodbye, see you later.

pub - with or without food or accommodation (the local).

Hot under the collar
to get angry

Hottie hot water bottle, or an attractive person
asking someone how something is. Often shouted at cricket when appealing for a batsman to be dismissed

bush dwelling of cheap construction

Idiot box
television set

something is a bit Iffy
it is risky or suspect

you give me the Irrits
they're extremely irritating

your teeth (to tickle the ivories) to play the piano

Jack of that
you a fed up with something

I will fix your Jack and Jill
I will pay your bill, usually in a restaurant

someone who can not sit still

Jackaroo or Jillaroo
trainee male or female Cattle Station hand

Jack Dancer


toasted sandwich (toasty toast)

Had to use the Jerry
a pot under the bed if you need to go in the middle of the night

See you in a Jiffy
see you in a short time

broken or no long useful

I will job you!
I will hit you or punch you

male underpants

Joe Blake
a snake

Joe Bloggs
you are referring to the average citizen

Any old Joe blow will tell you
any one you don't even know will tell you

Down the John
off to the toilet


usually a woollen sweater


Just down the road
this could be 100 yards to a 1000 miles away

argument or a disturbance

Kangaroos loose in the top paddock
you going a little crazy

Kelpie Australian sheepdog originally bred from Scottish collie
Keen as mustard
enthusiastic about something

Kero kerosene
Kick the bucket


short rest or sleep or nap

pack your Kit
pack up all your belongings or your possessions

someone who live in New Zealand (New Zealander)

female underwear

Knock criticise
a counterfeit product

Knock something
you criticise it

Knocked up
she is pregnant

Knock off time
time to go home from work

get Knotted!
is a angry way of say go now

Knuckle sandwich a punch to the mouth
Lair to renovate or dress up in bad taste
Lair it up to behave in a brash and vulgar manner
Lady muck
a stuck up rich lady

Lady blamey
a beer glass made from the bottom half of a beer bottle

inform, dob

someone that is stupid

sponge cakes coated in chocolate and grated coconut

Larrikan a bloke who is always enjoying himself, harmless prankster
Laughing gear
your mouth

Lashing out
going on a spending spree

Lav or Lavvy
outdoor toilet

Leading you up the garden path
someone is try to deceive you, but you are not awake up to it

take a Leak
go to the toilet

help you get a Leg up
someone is going to help you get started at something

something that is faulty or broken or bad or useless or a lesbian

Lights on but there's no one home
someone not too smart


Liquid amber

Liquid laugh vomit
use your Loaf
use your head, think about it

Lob-in on someone
visit someone unnannounced

do your Lolly
hit your head or shouting and raving in an angry way (losing you head)

soft drink, also a way to insult someone who has served an alcoholic drink that is not up to scratch

Long as a month of Sundays
a very long time

Long drink of water
someone who is tall

Long paddock the side of the road where livestock is grazed during droughts
large bottle of beer

on a good Lurk
on to a good thing or job

who opened their Lunch who farted
G'day Luv
substitute for the woman's name in a friendly way

Mad as a cut snake
gone crazy

Mad as a meat axe
crazy, sometimes used to excuse coarse behaviour

household linen such as sheets & pillow cases

swagman's bedding or sleeping bag/roll

plates of Meat
your feet

methylated spirits

glass of beer - 285 ml or 10oz.

Milk Bar
usually the local/corner shop selling take away & other convenience food.

milkman who delivers to your home.

a despicable person.

More of them, than you can poke a stick at
a lot of something

cash money.

mosquito - insect.

mud crabs.

gone up the Mulga
gone bush, gone to the country not touched by man

gullible person or used as an - insult.

stunned Mullet
dazed or shocked at some disturbing news

things are crook in Musclebrook
times are bad

round up [usually for branding/shipping] sheep or cattle.


I'm Nackered
absolutely exhausted or very tired


diaper (not slang)

short tempered or very negative about everything

Nasho national service (compulsory military service)
a horse

out in the Never Never
gone out to the bush, usually off the beaten track, gone off in our native countrysides undeveloped by man

you've got a good Nick
you got a good name

in the Nick
you are naked

Nick off
go now, get lost

Get Nicked!
go away, get lost, sometimes used when someone doesn't believe what you are saying

females underpants

young baby or surf life saver.

Noah's ark
a shark

No dramas no worries
someone who is hopeless

head or brains

idiot - stupid - not so bright.

Not the full quid not bright intellectually
It's on the Nose
Comment by Aussiegirl Lori on December 29, 2009 at 20:45
Australian slang, also known as Strine, is our special way of speaking. Words and phrases handed down from our ancestors and that has become iconic to Australia, and differentiated from the British English.

excellent! very good!

Aerial pingpong
Australian Rules football

Aggro someone who is aggravated, upset
Alf a stupid person
Amber fluid / nectar beer
Ambo ambulance
Ankle biter small child
Ants pants the height of fashion or person has a high opinion of themselves
Apples, she'll be It'll be alright
Apple eaters someone from Tasmania
Armchair sportsmen someone knowledgeable about sport but does not play it (one who sits on an armchair and watches sports)
Arvo afternoon
Aussie salute brushing away flies with the hand
Avagoyermug someone is not trying hard enough in their sport, and you want them to (this is yelled to give them a bit of a push a long)
Avos avocados
AV Jennings marriage your first marriage (AV Jennings is a builder in Australia specialising in building houses for young married couples)
Awning over the toy shop male beer belly (the toy shop being the male reproductive organs)
B & S - Ball
Bachelor's & Spinster's Ball- a singles party usually held in rural areas

Back of Bourke
in the outback, a very long way

Bail leave, depart usually angrily
Bail up
to corner somebody physically

Bananas someone going crazy with anger

someone from Queensland


Bang on hit the target right in the middle, OR it's right, or correct

Banged up pregnant

Bar flies people men who drink and talk in the front bar of a pub for hours and hours

barbecue or B.B.Q.

argument - fight - punch up.

(Fish) Barramundi

to support and cheer on for your favourite team.

Bash, give it a have a go, make an attempt
Basket case someone on the edge of mental collapse


Battleaxe, old wife or mother-in-law
someone who works hard, struggling financially, against the odds

Bean counter
an accountant

beautiful - .great, fantastic

Beak your nose
Beaten by a blow shearer slang, running shears from one end of sheep to the other
Beating around the bush not getting to the point on a subject

Beer o'clok knock off time, time to finish what you are doing and have a well earned beer

Bell, give some one a ring them on the phone

Belly flop diving incorrectly into water with the stomach breaking the water

Belt up you are asked to stop talking or be quiet, in a angry way

Berko angry in a unreasonable way

Berko, gone gone mad, looks like going mad

I bet you! (wager)

Better half your partner
Bex, going to have a you are going to settle your self down from some sort of stress - usually a cup of tea
Big bikkies
lots of money

Big Note
brag or boast about your self.

Big Smoke
big city or town

motorbike or cycle rider.

Bik-kee biscuit
waterhole or place to drink or an ox-bow river

teapot or container used to boil water in the bush when camping.

a receptacle used for smoking marijuana.

Billy lids the kids
motor vehicle accident

to put the Bite on to ask someone for money
Boob Tube
a strapless, shapeless brassiere made of a stretch fabric.

a mess - untidy.

Brothel a place of prostitution
biting insects - fly, mozzies

mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that)

Bizzo business ("mind your own bizzo")
Black Stump
a long way away, the back of nowhere

Blimey really!!, surprised by something
even Blind freddy could see that not understanding something that is obvious

Block your head

Block, do your you are angry or lose your temper

Bloody oath
Of course! that's certainly true!!
man, guy or male.


Blower, on the on the telephone

stranger in town, newcomer - just arrived.

Blow in the bag
police breathalyser test

blow fly - pest.

Blowing your dough spending all your money

Blow through leave in a hurry

lazy person - someone who gets out of work.

argument - fight or punch up.

Blue, make a
make a mistake

a redhead

blue-bottle or jellyfish

Bluey/ Blue Heeler
Australian Cattle Dog

Bodgy of inferior quality
off to the bog, to leave an offering off to the toilet to defecate

Bog in commence eating, to attack food with enthusiasm
Bog standard basic, unadorned, without accessories
Bogan a rough uncivilised, uneducated person who has no morals and is lazy.

Bogged stuck in mud, deep sand (a vehicle).
Bomb, its a it's cool or it' a old car

Bonzer great, terrific
idiot - stupid.

Boogie board a hybrid, half-sized surf board
Boomer a large kangaroo
aboriginal weapon, curved piece of wood

Booze Bus
police vehicle used in Random Breath Testing

Bo-peep, go for a go for a sneaky look

Bottle Shop
liquor store.

Bottl-o liquor shop (originally a man with hessian bags going around picking up beer bottles in the 50's and 60's)
Bottlin, his bloods worth he's an excellent, helpful bloke.

Bottler something excellent
Bounce a bully
Bowl of rice, not my not my cup of tea; I don't like it
Brass razoo, he hasn't got a he's very poor
Bread basket your stomach
1st meal of the day - breakfast.

Brick shithouse, built like a a very physically big strong person
bricklayer ... someone who works in the construction industry

Brisbane - city in Queensland

a creep or crawler

Bruce, a a man, as in the Monty Python sketch where all the Australians were named Bruce

a wild horse

Bug, Moreton Bay small crab from Moreton Bay
no chance, no hope at all.

Buck's night
stag party, male gathering the night before the wedding

Budgie smugglers men's bathing costume
Bugalugs a friendly endearment

Bugger me dead extremely shocked at something

Bugger off telling someone to go away, in a not very nice way
Buggery, go to the being asked to leave or keep your nose out-in a very nasty way

Bull Bar
stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos (also roo bar)

Bull dust a lie

Bulla manka imaginary place in the far outback, as far as you can go in the outback

Bummer sigh, disappointed in something
short for Bundaberg, Queensland, and the brand of rum that's made there

Bung to put - bung me a beer in my hand
Bunghole your mouth

Bunch of Fives
fist - punch.

mythical Australian creature

outside the city (out back) - rough country.

Bush bash long competitive running or motorcar race through the bush
Bush telly campfire
give it a go - try or attempt to do.

Burr up get angry

tired - worn out.

a member of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade/ someone who lives in the Bush

Bushman's Clock
a kookaburra as it cackles every morning

highwayman, outlaw

Bush Telegraph
grape vine or by word-of-mouth, the town gossip network

Bush tucker
food gathered (from nature) in the Australian outback.

hiking or walking in the bush for pleasure.

Bushweek?, what is this telling someone something is not true. An exclamation that you don't believe them

Bushwhacked extremely fatigued or exhausted
Bushytailed full of health and good spirits.
Bust a gut
work hard - all out effort

a strong wind.

Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest
doing nothing
Busy as a centipede on a hot plate
very busy
bring your own - drinks/food.

Cab Sav cabernet sauvignon (a variety of wine)
Cabbie taxi driver
dead, not functioning

your mouth

Call it a day
to finish what you have been doing for the day

Camp oven
large cast iron pot with a lid, for cooking on a open fire

Cancer stick cigarette
Cane toad someone from Queensland
Captain Cook, have a
have a look at something

Cark it
to die

Carpetbagger steak
beef stuffed with oysters

Centralia the inland region of Australia

Champers champagne
someone will not spend money or tight wad

saying goodbye

Cheese & kisses
the missus, you wife

Chew the fat
have a good talk together

Chewie chewing gum
having a good chat


Chokkie chocolate
Chock a block or Chocker's
full to the point you can fill no more or crowded to over flowing

Choof off
go now

a chicken, rooster or hen

throw something or vomit

Chuck a spazz to go off the boil, get out of control angrily
Chuck a U-ee make a U-turn, 180 degrees

tell a real big lie or say something inappropriate or a shock

a fake, substitute.. Claytons is a non alcoholic drink billed as 'the drink you're having when you're not having a drink'

unbranded cattle or not a criminal, or bottle of wine without a label

Click kilometre - "it's 10 clicks away"
Clothes or to hit someone

Codger a bloke, fellow, especially elderly and a little odd
Clocked someone
you're hit someone

Clod hoppers
your feet

Clucky feeling broody or maternal
Coat hanger Sydney Harbour Bridge
a mate, a close friend

G'day Cobber
welcome close friend

Cock up, something is a
its gone all wrong

Cock and bull
something is a lie (cock and bull story)

someone who lives in the state of New South Wales, don't ask why


cockroach or cockatoo

Cockeyed twisted or slanted to one side; foolish, absurd
cods-swal-lop a lot nonsense or a lie

got no Coin
got no money

a cold beer

Come a gutser make a bad mistake, have an accident
compensation (worker's compensation)

Conch conscientious person. Somebody who would rather work or study than go out and enjoy themselves
to hit someone

call for greeting someone at a distance in the bush or a long way off - far away

Cook one's wife
Cop it sweet
to get what's coming to you, without try to get back at them

Corker something excellent. a good stroke in cricket might be described as a 'corker of a shot'
aboriginal festival dance, gathering

put on your Cossie
put on your clothing

you will be waiting till the Cows come home
you be waiting all day

Counter meal pub lunch
Cow Juice
milk from a cow

swimming costume (NSW)

that's a load of old Crap
a lie

stop the Crap!
stop what you are doing or saying its not right

off to the Crapper
you off to the toilet

Crack onto
to make a pass at/chat up someone

Cranky in a bad mood
Crapper toilet
Crash to stay over at someone else's place
Creamed someone or team
beaten someone else or a team by a huge margin

surprise at something

Cripes!! I've stepped in something
in extreme discomfort (as in having stepped into dog poo barefoot)

Croc absurd, untrue, load of rubbish

ill or something that is not functioning or a criminal

feeling Crook
not feeling well

Crook as Rookwood
very unwell (Rookwood is a cemetery in western Sydney)

someone who lives in the state of South Australia, that state's outback has a lot of crows

something of low quality

to make a Crust
to earn a living, work for wages

not worth a Crumpet
something is worthless

Cunning as a shithouse rat
someone is very cunning and sneaky

have a Cuppa
have cup of tea or coffee

nickname for a bald person

give someone a bit of Curry
give someone a hard time of it

Cut someones lunch
get involved with someone's partner or possession

you need to take a Cut lunch
where you going is a long walk

Cut lunch commando army reservist
mad as a Cut snake
someone very upset, that could do anything

bow and scrape to someone

- the manure that hangs from the wool on the rear end of a sheep
- a funny person, nerd, goof, used in a friendly way
- an unfashionable way of dressing

trousers or shorts or underpants

something that looks very bad

Damp squib
someone who is not thinking too well, a bit of a dud
(a squib was a small firecracker, a damp squib is one that doesn't go off).

bread made from flour and water

certainty, very true

Dead horse
tomato sauce

Dead marine
empty beer bottle

Dero tramp, hobo, homeless person (from "derelict")
your Dial
your face

Aboriginal wind musical instrument

Australian soldier

going to your Digs
going to your home

someone that is not too smart

food bag or small bag to carry things

someone who is a fool or acting foolish

you're a Dingo
you are cunning bad person

something very Australian

Dinkum, fair dinkum
true, real, genuine
Dingo's breakfast a yawn, a leak and a good look round
Divvy van a police car for transporting criminals
someone who speaks out and lets out about you

something suspicious and underhanded is going on

Dog and bone

Who cut the dog in half?
someone has farted

Dog's eye meat pie
Dog's breakfast
a mess or messy

Dole bludger somebody on social welfare when unjustified
its a Done Deal
something is finished or completed

car or boat engine or motor bike

haven't seen you in Donkey's years
you haven't seen someone in a very long time

something or item you do not know the name of

fool or idiot

Blowing all your Dough
spending all your money

Drink with the flies
to drink alone

if you are a Drip
you are someone with no personality, no character, boring

idiot, someone that is stupid, an insult

Dropped your bundle
you lost control of the situation, and finding it hard to get it sorted out, finding it hard to cope with things (Bundle - a load you carry)

Dropped your guts
you have farted

you are Drover's dog
you no good, you a useless, you are of no importance

Dry as a dead dingo's donger
very dry

I've been Dudded
i've been cheated

a con-man

one who sells cheap stuff as good stuff, implying that it's cheap because it fell off the back of a truck

up the Duff

Duffer, cattle
Dummy spit to throw a tantrum and lose it, like a baby when they cry excessively
Dunlop cheque
cheque that bounced (the bank did not accept it, returned to you) Dunlop being famous for making tyres

noisy as a Dunny door in a storm
a loud continuous noise

Dunny budgie
a fly


Dunny rat, cunning as a very cunning

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