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Loading of the ADKASH Demo GO

To turn the smartphone into an advertizing platform and to earn money each time when advertizing comes?
C ADKASH it is possible!
You looked forward.
And from now on you can learn, how it everything works!
Load a demo the ADKASH applications on the Android smartphone (or get Diamond Phone) and learn, how the most revolutionary business in the history of network marketing looks!
Use the appendix, prepare the organization for this epic moment and acquaint all the others with how ADKASH works.
Loading of the ADKASH Demo appendix is very important in the first step of strategy of prestart.
Having loaded the application, you can:
To show to other people as the appendix works;
To receive advertizing and to look, how your earnings can increase;
To represent this unique system of the organization and to people who want to enter into it.
Change to the best the life: ADKASH will help you to achieve success with improbable simplicity!

Loading of the ADKASH Demo GO                                                    


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Comment by Dmitriy on November 3, 2012 at 19:56


ADKASH pays 
users to receive high quality and targeted ADVs, right on theirown Android mobile phone, every time you receive a call or SMS / MMS. 
ADKASH share 
profits with their users and affiliates, by paying for clicksystem as Google Ads.For each incoming call, SMS or MMS you receive up to 5 cents.When he accumulates 10 US $ receivesa AdKash branded debit card.

Partners may invite users to install or affiliates AdKash application, and make all the applications installed on all their network of partner usersand TO $ 1 APP / week.

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