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Friends! NOBODY can return to the PAST and change the START.

To you pay for ENTERING CALLS and SMS? 

I assume that to you, as well as any person interested in use of excellent and cheap communication with the whole world, there can be useful the following latest information. WOR (I) DGLOBALMOBILENETWORK

The company - takes positions in the 3rd areas of the improbable Market of mobile devices (Global virtual mobile communication):

- technologies;
- communications;
- exclusive mobile advertizing was included also into Association of direct sales - DSA (USA).

Here and unique картфоны, smartphones, planshetnik developed and let out by our company, specially focused on work with the Global Mobile Operator worldwide, physical SIMкарты, traffic replenishment. And many other things.
For this purpose what to become the partner of the company it would be necessary to pay $39 and to take a place in structure! Or At once on the Business Package of $289 or $639 . Each entrance has the advantages.


After registration in WORLD GMN, YOU RECEIVE:
• The site and domain name;
• Website E-commerce (business platform);
• Personal international debit card;
• Modern communication panel;
• A conference - a hall without delays of direct video translation on 2.500 persons!!! · • A conference - video hall - a world record - on 32 persons!!!
• from 10 to 20 prepaid vouchers for $39;
• 400 minutes. Conversation in any point of the world without roaming;
• 10 levels of the income;
• + 11й income level - the Investment income (3 % from world sales volume of the company) from $1250 with the subsequent exit to the Frankfurt exchange and transfer of these means to Shares of the company;
• BMW supercar; VIP-resorts with the company etc.

And all inhabitants of a planet will have a possibility absolutely free of charge already soon to load on the phone special программкуAdCash and to receive from 40 to 50 dollars a month (buying nothing and selling to nothing) for obtaining advertizing information in the sphere of their interest.


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