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Drizoro Maxplug - stops leaks in minutes

Drizoro Maxplug - stops leaks in minutes

8 Benefits of Drizoro Maxplug Stops Running Water Instantly.

The coating allows the base to transpire and thereby eliminates water vapour.
Stops running water or any leaks and waterproofs the surface to which it is applied.
Does not contract, or become weak due to its exothermic reactions.
It increases in volume. Its rapid set, three to five minutes, may be controlled (either speed up or slowed down) by adding warm or cold water. The setting may even be instantaneous.
It is the proper maintenance material for homes and industry.
It is not toxic when it comes into contact with drinking water.
Its mechanical properties are comparable to those of concrete, and in some cases even superior.
sets under water which means Maxplug stops running water while under water.

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