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This story gave me goosebumps!!! SO I HAD TO SHARE
Let me Introduce you to Shelby a 20 year-old and she is a Presidential Diamond with IT WORKS GLOBAL (which means she makes over $20k a month, yes you read that right, a month).

Shelby a 20 yr old Presidential Diamond
Here’s her story:
When I had my daughter while in high school, I knew that I would do everything that I could to better
the life of my family, but I didn’t see us being well off anytime soon. However, God has a way of guiding our lives.
I found It Works Global through Facebook last year. After trying the product on myself, I fell in love with the ‘magic’ of the Ultimate Body Applicator.
I knew that I had to share it with my friends and family! After trying the product, I became a distributor.
At the time of joining, I was 19 years old, my husband was 20 years old, we had a 3 years old daughter Tessalee, and we lived in low-income housing.
My husband, Tycen, and I were also full time college students. My husband was in the Army National Guard, and working 50-70 hour weeks as a security guard as his full time job.
Within 6 months of me joining, he was able to quit his security guard job. It was amazing how the both of us could be working from home to support our family, while spending time as a family.
Tycen’s scheduled deployment for the end of the summer was cancelled, and we had decided that since we were doing well with It Works, we were ready for another baby.
Soon after getting pregnant, we got his new deployment orders that we weren’t ready for. Tycen deployed in January. At that time, I was a Double Diamond distributor in It works Global .
Our beautiful baby Juliette was born at the end of May and she is now 2 ½ months old, and our oldest is 4 years old. I am now a Presidential Diamond with It works Global, and I am still a full time college student for one more year.
We were also able to move out of the housing we lived in, into renting a home until we decide to build a home of our own.
If I could give one tip to anyone looking at It works Global,
it would be to be all in no matter what your circumstances may be. You can make excuses to hold you back if you wish, but I promise you that will not bring you success.
It Works Global! Has truly changed our lives, and we are so excited to see the success of our team members as well. It has been an amazing journey, with incredible people, and we are just getting started!!
I am so thankful for the amazing support I have had, and for my wonderful team that is dreaming BIG! It Works! is about the people, and let me tell you, the people are incredible.
I have made lifetime friendships with people on my team, but also outside of my team as well. It Works runs as a family; we are all here for one another, regardless of rank or team.
I feel completely blessed to be a part of such a great opportunity. God knew what his plans were for my family all along.
It Works is for everyone, no matter what your personality is or what your past history may be like.

To see how you can get started with “It works Global”
Thanks for letting me share this story with you It’s amazing what you can do at any age if you put your mind to it and don’t give up

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