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HI Friends,
              Before I  start, this is  NOT A SCAM and it is not one of those programs that are here today gone tomorrow  it is a NEW GLOBAL COMPANY about to launch.
This is your big opportunity to become a FOUNDER of this New Global Company.

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Do you believe in placing out a Welcome Mat to those in need?

I most certainly believe in placing out a welcome mat for people such as refugees, people fleeing violence oppression and victims of inequality such as the homeless and even whistle-blowers who expose a governments wrong doing and being harassed and bullied by an authorities’ abuse of power such as Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning to name…


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I am a financier I offer loans at low interest rate

I am a financier I offer loans at low interest rate, I offer loan to all categories of people firms, companies, all kinds of business organisation, individuals and real estate investors, and I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates 2%. I am a certified, registered and legit lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting loan, contact me for more information about the loan process, interested people should please contact us via email:  …


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How to Invest in Business Insurance?

For numerous small-business holders, standard property insurance doesn’t cover acts like flooding, earthquakes, and terrorism.

According to a 2010 survey by Travellers Insurance, although only 56% of small-business holders having disaster-recovery insurance, 94% of small-business owners are confident their business is protected against insurable risks.

Many business holders don’t get how small business…


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BookArt Tron tokens has launch Beta network

Hello all

If you are a writer and want to publish your Book please contact Victor on telegram.. amazing project you don't wanna miss put.

Join here on

"The Official BookART(#1002234)

Welcome to my group I’m currently working on project Book that will benefit writers and authors of all genres on Blockchain Book(ART) Authors Rewards Token.

More information is available at:



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On This DaY - Today!

On This Day



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Michael Clayton On Patriot Radio

New Radio interview on Patriot Radio

Previous Show

I am very involved in…


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Are you in a state of Wellness and Self-fulfilment?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

If not, get there! Wellness is the physical, mental, and emotional health, leading to a healthy way of living. Too often our goals are taken up with competitive ones, we are in a race to beat someone else or to have something that someone else doesn’t have. What all these…


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ANZAC DAY Melbourne 2019

The 2019 ANZAC Day Dawn Service, marches and remembrance parade takes place on Thursday 25th April 2019. It was 104 years ago (2019) that our brave ANZAC sons landed at Gallipoli in an event that has gone onto shape Australia and its people. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

WW1 began in 1914, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand; To the Austrian and German people it was…


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Changed minds equals a changed economy.

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Two extraordinary people have captured my attention since last update, the amazing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on defence of The Green New Deal and of course Julian Assange who despite his political arrest, his fight continues.



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Queenslanders Support John Woodward For Senate

Queenslanders Support John Woodward For Senate

Lot's of great information about Banking.

All good Australians need to keep greedy bankers contained.



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Human Rights and Human Solutions

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Since last update, I have been using the Human rights hashtag quite frequently for everything from disability rights, a royal commission into the mistreatment and neglect of the disabled care centres in Australia to the recent arrest…


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Common sense is not that common anymore.

Common sense is not that common anymore.

You can get it here…


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Truth and Empathy - Do we really need to choose?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Recently I attended my first Invasion Day Rally, this a rally protesting against the colonisation of Australia and how sovereignty was never ceded. Without abscence of a treaty it is improper to celebrate Australia Day on the day the first fleet arrived. It was an emotional day, especially…


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The lives behind the laughs: The real story of Laurel & Hardy’s amazing friendship

The real story of Laurel & Hardy’s amazing friendship

So many post-war children have happy memories of laughing along with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as the actors carved their places in showbiz history, with their exaggerated antics lighting up black-and-white cinema and television screens around the world.

Simply hearing Laurel and…


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My interview on Australia Patriot Radio

Have a listen to my interview on Australia Patriot Radio with Harry Palmer

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Stretch Your Advertising To 4,000,000 Circulation!

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Debt / Loan Wipeout Facility

Do you have a troublesome debt, loan or mortgage you would like wiped out for only 10% of its value? E.g. if your loan, debt or mortgage is $100k you pay only 10k and we wipe it. A Sydney Supreme Court precedent now makes this unusual option possible. Please enquire of David, 02 8214 8397, 0419 605 365 with details of your unwanted debt.

If you know of others with annoying debts that are tying them down and you refer them to can earn a spotter's commission of 1% of the debt balance…


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Our Mission To Hydrate The World One Drop At A Time

Water is necessary for life, which means all living things die when they get too dehydrated. When added to pure drinking water, ShopFreeMart’s Hydration Drops concentrate keeps your body more hydrated.

One bottle of ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops treats 198 gallons of purified drinking water, making it perhaps the most economical product…


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