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Woody's Incredible Weight Loss Journey with EPX Daily/SeaVeg

In 2004, though, my weight was starting to cause me concern. I was starting to have circulation problems in my feet, causing an edema to form in my legs. I knew I was breaking down. Exercising was no longer an option.

In September of 2004 I started taking 6 to 9 capsules a day of Sea-Veg. After about 2 weeks, I started noticing changes in my body feelings of more emotional control, being full sooner at the dining table, more energy during the day, and I was craving more different…


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Restore & Maintain Your Health with EPX Daily.

The Importance of Sea Vegetables in Restoring and Maintaining Your Health

by Steven H Horne RH (AHG) IIPA and Kimberley Balas ND


Iodine is a vital nutrient for good health.  Not only is iodine critical for thyroid gland function and body metabolism, it’s also essential for reproductive tissue health.  The breasts, uterus and prostate require very large amounts of iodine.  It’s also needed for healthy skin, eyes and nerve…


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There are literally tens of thousands of home based business opportunities to sift through online so why should you choose EPX Body?

EPX Body offers the highest quality products at the industry's lowest prices. Why is that important to you? As an EPX Body Distributor you need to be able to meet the needs of others and one of those needs with a sinking economy is affordability.

With EPX Body you can get started by purchasing the product you choose for only $39.95. …


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IF you believe it, YOU can achieve it!

We've all heard that what you think, you become. But, can you think your way to being fit and thin?

Everyone knows that losing weight takes more than just thinking the pounds away. However, the truth is that every great accomplishment or success starts with a thought and a plan.

We all must make decisions on a daily basis. Some of these decisions are easy and some require concerted effort on our parts. For instance, starting a new exercise program requires a lot of…


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EPXBody DAILY Sea Veg® - Pristine Ocean Blend - Our 7th Product!

The nutrients of the sea and sun combined in a capsule! Our newest product EPX Daily SeaVeg..a few common questions and answers about how this can improve your health in so many ways!

Q: What is EPXBody DAILY Sea Veg®?

A: Our new EPXBody DAILY Sea Veg® is very powerful. These sea weed species are from Pristine waters from around the world. These 12 sea weed species, chosen from 10,000 with the…


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