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NuGen Clean Commerce Commitment

NuGen Clean Commerce Commitment

The NuGen Community is a large and strong global network of climate conscious people focused on clean living. We are connected by our Clean Commerce Commitment, the new standard for global banking and finance. We support merchants and businesses using or generating Clean Energy, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative.

We are committed to doing our part to meet and exceed global climate goals by choosing to transact with carbon neutral or carbon…


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Our Mission To Hydrate The World One Drop At A Time

Water is necessary for life, which means all living things die when they get too dehydrated. When added to pure drinking water, ShopFreeMart’s Hydration Drops concentrate keeps your body more hydrated.

One bottle of ShopFreeMart Hydration Drops treats 198 gallons of purified drinking water, making it perhaps the most economical product…


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