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Crypto currency gift.

Hello everyone.

From time to time you stumble by accident over an offer that sounds to good to be true.

I will now present you with such an offer. 

A company named TheBillionCoin wants in on the crypto currency market and to attract many customers they offer a gift of 50,000 kringles for you to sign up and verify your e-mail address period.

Nothing else to do and nothing to pay. 

A honest gift. The value of the gift is just around 115 euros as we speaks and…


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Get 20% cashback on your shopping.

I have found a company that offers money for the data on your receipts.

In Australia as well as everywhere else in the world...

But you need the full story before you chose if it is something for you.

The worldwide company Saivian offers you 20% cashback on your shopping up to the total of $250 per month.

They have a subscription fee of $125 per 28 days.

They ask you to download an app…


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The biggest change since the beginning of the Internet!

Do you remember what happened in the ´90  When the internet was catching on.

Since the creation of the internet much have been affected by that.

First and foremost the way we communicate. In the 'old days' some of us had to go the the typewriter, write the letter flawless not easy to correct errors (or written by hand) - find an envelope - a post stamp and off to the mailbox.

But it was an efficient service then. Most often the letter arrived the very next day to the…


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