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Are you a People Power Leader?

When you are a people power leader the business world is a better place. Promote a people owned ISP called Commhubb, instead of your internet being owned by a large corporation, have it run by the people for the people, check out William's link in the FAITH catalogue/Stars of Biz category. Another people power opportunity is Smalfiland, earn an citizenship…


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Crowdfunding, Empathy & lily blossoms.

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Are you ready for an amazing story of empathy? This update's winner is Lily Blossoms a charity set up by a family who adopted 40 disadvantaged children in 2012 for Christmas and networked within the community to put up an Angel Tree as an effort to collect donations from local patrons, the link is in…


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Choose your own path and own your own choice.

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

DARE TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS! That's the name of an e book submitted to the catalogues this update by Maya Sullivan, check it out in the Wisdom catalogue/Tired of Waiting category. This update has certainly got the lead yourself theme, with 9 brand new inspirational websites and opportunities to take…


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Basket of opportunities.

We all enjoy receiving gifts, but how about helping the giver present the best gift. Check out the Faith catalogue, Successville category and do some social selling for Melody's Gift baskets, also this update's winner. Ever heard of Zija? Vitamin drink from the Himalayan Mountains, a great social selling opportunity for the keen health fanatic. Open the Freedom…


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Opportunity for a Valentine.

What valentine wouldn't want a great opportunity? When we embark upon a business venture, its always good to find ways to generate traffic and get those all important leads. Check out the Opportunity Catalogue, The Real Deal for Bridget's Lead Generation page, click on the latest shortened link in the category, also see the Wisdom catalogue, :Im on my way" category…


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Do you want to kick off 2016 with power?

Totally! Ths update puts you in the driver seat of your business with tools and great ideas to help you every step of the way. Improve your international business dealings with Cabal Group, check out the Total Satisfaction category in the Wisdom Catalogue. Give your followers the inspiration they deserve and engage with them more often with Nimble Quotes, visit the…


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Do you want to make a difference for 2016?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Those who listed their website for this update certainly do! Travel the world and make a difference, thats what FivePointFive do, inspire people to help others while travelling around the globe, totally awesome and this updates winner, check out their website in the FREEDOM catalogue, Editor's Choice…


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Do you want to live forever?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Why not give it a try! This update showcases some great nutrition and healthy lifestyle products to promote. Check out Kyani, the nutritional drink promoted by Body Wholeness, this updates winner, click on the link in the Opportunity catalogue, "Tired of Talking" category. Forever living…


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Why not help yourself?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Absolutley! With 8 brand new great websites listed in this update ranging from self help blogs for business, sports lifestyle app by Redcrox, this updates winner, you can see the amazing website in the Freedom catalogue, check out the Ground Floor Business Opportunities category. Another amazing…


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Would you like a nice cup of coffee with these opportunities?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

You very well may need one! 17 brand new opportunities, blogs and links have been submitted this update and are listed throughout the catalogues. Take advantage of this updates winner Tamika's Organo Gold Coffee opportunity, it’s simply heaven! Check out the FREEDOM catalogue, Home Based…


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Is success ready for you?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Well lets hope so, because with these great inspirational blogs and opportunities there will be no stopping you! Overcoming adversity is our greatest challenge, however being an actress who is half deaf and blind due to a stage fall is a challenge very few of us have heard of let alone have faced,…


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How motivated are you?

You are when you find something your passionate about, such as twelve brand new opportunities and inspirational sites listed in this catalogue update. When your working for yourself it can very hard to motivate yourself, so it makes sense to subscribe to a blog that can help you, which is exactly what Toni does, check out her blog in the Opportunity catalogue, WWW…


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Can you make a general investment in your health?

Absolutley! How many of us have had a cup of tea I ask you, heaps would be the response. Drink 2 cups a day and lose 5lb's in 5 days, check out Gary's link in the FREEDOM catalogue, General Investment category. Imagine meeting an expert in making money online for free, well you can, click on the last link in the category Lets find someone in the OPPORTUNITY catalogue…


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How much do you fight for freedom?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

To answer that question properly is to find out how much does freedom mean to you, in Australia we are remembering Anzac day centenary, this is where thousands of Australians and New Zealanders put down their lives for freedom and empathy. Freedom is also represented in many other ways, freedom from…


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How young are you?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

When we think of young entreprenuers we usually think of high school or uni students. Zethub helps the Z generation(born 1995 - 2009) create businesses for themselves,

thats right kids of primary school age, totally amazing, make sure to check it out in Faith catalogue under Discovery &…


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Where do you find Inspiration?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Providing where you intend to look would depend a lot on how you will find inspiration. Look no further, Basicozbizinfo has reached over 180 listings consisting of great inspirational and new business opportunities as well as just great links to inspire you and help you achieve your goals. I have…


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Links and Opportunities 2015

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Basicozbizinfo originally set out to be a catalogue of web marketing opportunities and it certainly still is, however I found an interest from great people who simply have inspirational businesses and their websites are fascinating, some are listed in this update. New years resolution for 2015 will…


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Do you have the courage to be who you are?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

This is the message of the Update Winner, Paula, Krista & Tarabeth who make up the Be Who You Are Team, creating an album for children to promote self confidence, so kids can be comfortable with who they really are, truly a great crowdfunding venture, check out Wisdom Catalogue, the No Wannabes category. Over 20+…


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Do you believe in an Opportunity that is new and leaps into a difference?

Basicozbizinfo Editors Blog

Hmm! Don't answer straight away, however Basicozbizinfo has taken such a leap this update with everything from brand new startups such as Taxtwerk(Online bookeeping & accounting) in the Wisdom catalogue - Just Me category, this new business is created by Ruth Noel, this update's…


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Are you one of the many followers of Empathy?

Of course you are! Basicozbizinfo has reached over 120 listings and over 25 this update alone all whom follow empathy in business. To give a taste what is featured in this update, lets start with one of the winners of the update Hailey Rose Barrett, Hailey overcome a life of abuse & violence or as I like to call it being a victim…


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