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Amazing developments at KaratBars

Last year showed some exciting developments and additions to the KaratBars business. All members now have an amazing, and very lucrative, crypto business as well. KaratBank offers the worlds first gold-backed crypto coin, KBC. If you can buy it on exchanges, do so now, as after July 4 2019, 100 kbc will be exchangeable for 1.0gm pure gold! That's currently $48us.

Changes to the compensation plan mean even bronze level members can…


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Still not getting your greens?

If you've grown out of eating snot, and still don't like cabbage, you are possibly not getting enough greens in your diet! HBNaturals has a range of awesome organic, non-gmo, plant based products for every body! Realistically priced and delivered to your door. Start giving your body what it needs, with a daily dose of HBNaturals :-)  …


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CashGold Global Gold Currency

CashGold 0.1gm note now available as a single item, as well as bundles of 40.  That means you can now purchase best grade (999.9) gold bullion for just  $11.00au, 7.50 euro, $8.80us. Open a free  no obligation customer account via

Monthly/weekly gold saver plan also available, with minimum deposit of just 50 euro. No long-term commitment. Cancel with one click! Full flexibility, free storage, secure delivery via Fedex…


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My New Year Resolution.

My NY resolution is to help as many people as possible rediscover the art of saving.


In todays' consumerism society, many consider grabbing that discounted "bargain" as saving money, but did you really save, or did you get further into debt by making that purchase on credit? Credit card debt, if not kept in check, can quickly erode any perceived saving.


KaratBars offers a very simple way to save regularly, with your…


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