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Lucy Bayly's Blog – July 2012 Archive (6)

Isagenix - Product B)

The Isagenix Vision :

           To impact world health and free people from physical and   financial  pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness  company in the world.

Our Team Mission :

            To help and teach at least 1 million people

1.    To be healthier,



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'Tissue and Organ Regeneration' is happening in people !

  'Good Things Happen When Telomeres Are Lengthened'

There are now many people around the world who have experienced regeneration of cells, tissues and organs after taking substances proven to be Telomerase Activators .

Many people report increased energy, sleeping better, more flexible, increased libido, improved mental clarity, and a much…


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Isagenix - (Product B)

Why do we age?

We age because our cells age.

When you were conceived your Telomeres (little things in every cell in your body) were 15,000 units long. They get shorter every time a cell divides, which they do all the time. When you were born the Telomeres were about 10,000 units long. They have been getting shorter with every cell division, and when they get down to 5,000 units long,…

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Just Been Paid

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Lucy Bayly
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Isagenix - (Product B)

Every day I hear stories from people who have experienced  coincidental changes since starting on the Isagenix products. Today I have another amazing story to share with you.

This is from Melody M in Rockhampton who sent me the following :

Macular Degeneration is Australia’s leading cause of blindness and there is no known medical cure.  The macula is the central part of the retina, the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye and the retina processes all…


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Health (Product)


This is why we do what we do - you just dont know who we are going to impact by sharing our products and sharing the knowledge and truths that we collect along the way.


It's time to change our lifestyles and help our children and grandchildren look forward to a generation of healtheir people, living…


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