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Evaluating & Promoting Holistic Wellness

Hi everyone I have not been around for a while as I just recently qualified as a NES & Scenar Health Practitioner due to years of working in Welfare I knew there was a better answer than to bandaid Mental Health and I am happy to say I believe I have finally found it… Continue

Added by Vikki-Lee B O'Meara on May 9, 2011 at 19:10 — 2 Comments

Can Anyone Help?


I have been really busy completing exams as a NES Health Practitioner and passed with 96% now the next step is to find some funding so that I can practise and start my own Franchise that is the hard part.  If you get the time have a look at the website it is amazing the chronic pain we have cured and so many other health issues.  I just wish I could find an investor so I could start my own…


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That Free Thing!!

This really caught my eye and I only ever take on one business which is my Ez-Bizbuilder and that is doing great but a friend dropped this on me and I joined as it is very different and launching March 1st so I wanted to let my Aussie friends know about it before it launches..  Have a look and make your mind up as I think it is going to boom :-)




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What A Team!

I have Cycled -  Ez-Bizbuilder is the first program that I have cycled in which happened so fast and I received my money back ten folds!


I wanted to let all my fellow Aussies know what a fantastic…


Added by Vikki-Lee B O'Meara on December 30, 2010 at 18:06 — No Comments

Eat Lollipops and Lose Weight!

This product addresses the multi-billion Weight-loss and Energy industry. There are currently over $100 Billion dollars in weight-loss

and energy product sold each year. Weight-loss is a very serious and


issue. In fact, it's so big that doctors and scientists are referring to

it as

"catastophic" in nature. Despite the efforts of researchers world

over, North America is facing a "fat epidemic." The market… Continue

Added by Vikki-Lee B O'Meara on June 14, 2010 at 19:08 — No Comments

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