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Cobby Arkhurst's Blog – August 2012 Archive (2)

When someone knocks at the door...

In the room all alone by yourself i know you love it. You have got a cozy zone where everything is within your reach. Your table is decked with a plethora of sumptuous meals, the barn of your refrigerator is replete with all kinds of veggies and fruits and it doesn't cost you much to change your clothe every season. So safe and secured are you. The roof above your head doesn't leak so you become at peace and at ease as you sit in your well stuffed couch delighting your eyes with motions and…


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Lovers of Mankind

I personally believe that every human being; black or white, pink or chocolate is an extension of God. For we are all made in the image of God.

Now, talking about God is talking about love; because love is the totality of Gods nature. But my question is, does mankind today have love for his fellow man? Well, I leave that for your answering. However so far us I am concerned this world is short of love. Love for humanity, society, nature etc has been substituted by love for power, self…


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