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For the last three weeks or so I have been asking the universe for the answer to these questions:

What is it that we struggle with SO much ?…


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Regarding this latest news from Ning

No doubt, many of you have already heard about Nings latest executive decision to phase out their free networks.…


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Post blog to multiple Ning Networks system is ready ($19.95)

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Posting a blog to multiple Ning networks

I am a member of about 133 Ning networks. In the past, I have had to write my blog and then copy and paste it to every site I wanted it on, one by one. It was driving me crazy!

Recently, I asked our resident programmer here at the Collective if he could make me a better system.

He did so and now I can go to my \"Master Blog Editor\", select the sites I want to publish to and simply post my blog to all of them in one click.

It\'s magic!

If you are interested,…


Added by Michael Goebel on March 21, 2010 at 19:48 — 1 Comment

The Truth about "Making Money Online"

*** WARNING ***

If you have an interest in "Online Business", "Home Internet Business", "Network Marketing" or "MLM", then you should read this before you go any further.

You will likely have seen many offers to join schemes that promise to make you money if you pay some amount and join them. They usually have some sort of picture like this:…


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The Collective Ring

The "Ring" is a group of interlinked sites, each having Next and Previous "Ring" menu items.

(Clicking on the RING itself links back to main Collective site's Ring Group)

These allow our many common members to "do the rounds" of the sites they belong to and has proven to be very popular.

As of the 11th December, there are 26 networks in the Ring.

To see how the Ring works, please go here, use the Ring>Next or… Continue

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Wish Upon A Star (Part 1) - A True Love Story About Advanced Manifestation - now available

Have you watched "The Secret" and been disappointed ?

Or is there something you would like but seems to be eluding you ?

There are some simple facts about this so-called "Law of Attraction" that are not generally well-known. It is not that they are "secrets" or that they are held onto tightly by those "in the know". It is just that manifestation requires a PROCESS.

If you look back at anything you have achieved in the past, you will see that it has not happened just… Continue

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The "Secret" of Success - Revealed - It's all about Helping Others!

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this;

"What can *I* contribute to the world ?"

What gift can YOU give others ?

Is it your Talent ? Ability ? Insight ? Knowledge ? Your eye for beauty? - What ?

It is only when you find that and successfully GET IT OUT THERE (and that's where the *marketing* comes in), that you will start to see a reward for your efforts.

A great many people are dissatisfied with their… Continue

Added by Michael Goebel on January 30, 2010 at 15:23 — 2 Comments

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