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2018 Biggest Threat To World Is Not Donald Trump.

2018 Biggest Threat To World Not Donald Trump.

In 2018 and coming years the biggest threat to the World is not Donald J Trump, Nuclear War, Global Warming (Climate Change) nor any other prominent issues. The biggest threat in coming years is World Health.
The real threat is The United Nations and it's Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. the ineffectiveness of the United Nations to meet its charter. The Worlds population is no better off. We still have rampant diseases and starving populations and billions of people living below the poverty lines.
The large unstable and displaced world population are being encouraged to migrate under to more stable Countries under UN programs thus spreading diseases. This migration creates more problems than it solves. This is a purposeful migration of people encouraged by the U.N. to destabilize The United States and richer counties so as to create a problem that only the UN can fix. This would be done by having a One World Government.
The United Nations is a private Company run by directors who are responsible to no one, I encourage all to investigate who controls the United Nations Company. These directors report to no one and have no oversight. I.E. similar to criminal organizations.
The United Nations has enough money stored away to purchase every displaced person a house a fat cow a goat and some seeds so they can feed and clothe themselves and their families. But what do the United Nations actions do. They have major talk feasts and spend billions of dollars trying to create a problem that only they can solve. I.E. Global Warming. They spend billions of dollar creating Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 documents and encourage Countries to voluntarily sign on for these money sucking agendas. Which bring more money to overflowing U.N. Bank Accounts.
The U.N.. are masters of propaganda and seem to have support from most political parties in all countries. That's because most politicians have no real life experience and come from privileged backgrounds and are sucked in by there own need to be important. When they retire they can expect a well paid U.N.. job or other Diplomatic position that will massage their own inflated egoes.
2018 is now the challenge and the challenge is to find the truth. We need to look back to the past when we had smaller Governments and smaller banks and institutions. We then had democratically elected Government who worked for the people and not third party interests.
The people need to question everything and only elect people to Government who are running on local issues and are not looking to support the U.N.. or business interests.
A good start for all Countries would be pulling out of al The United Nations and all of it off-shoot organizations. See List Here
Countries can deal directly with other Nations for trade and for humanitarian support.
We don't need a New World Order. We need to look back at the past to when our Countries functioned well and were run by good representatives of the people for the people.
The real coming threat in 2018 and years beyond could be an outbreak of new diseases.
History shows that world populations were nearly wiped out by disease outbreaks so you can see the need for nations to work and trade together to protect food supplies and share medical and technical knowledge to prevent this from occurring again.
Find the truth in 2018 and beyond and we can all have a prosperous future.

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Comment by Michaelng Clayton on January 11, 2018 at 8:42

This is not really about money although you need to learn and understand what money really is.

Join Freedom Force International and read suggested literature by G Edward Griffin. Also see his videos here at our community.

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