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9 brilliant ideas about viral loops & What is really hidden behind the incredible growth stories from Youtube, Facebook & Co

While the Internet has become the world's biggest viral "game face" for companies, artists and politicians have quietly made ​​a few pioneers on the path to decipher the „code of virality“. There are viral phenomena,especially in the digital world, that sweep in an incredible speed through the Web. Most of the users which are covered by such a viral avalanche can hardly imagine that such a thing could be specifically developed by brilliant Web architecture ...

The line between spam and eye-catching viral waves is very narrow. And yet it is so! Large networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Co have something in their architecture, which the layman hardly notices, called the profile "viral expansion loop" . This viral expansion loop creates, simply speaking, 101 visitors (or more) from 100 visitors . And out of the 101 visitors, 103 visitors will be created the next day. Further 110 visitors will be created from 103 on the following day. The effect is always exponentially as long as the viral growth factor above 1.0, i.e. out of 100 daily visitors, at least 101 will be created the next day.

That one can actually design a franchise system and complete new cloud service in this manner, is currently beign made visible by the well-known german top marketer Heiko Häusler, and the traffic strategist Tobias Knoof . On board is Thomas M. Duda, also a heavy gun from the franchise industry. A brilliant communicator, who already had a hand in the game with the construction of the multi-billion dollar franchise giant "conrad electronics". All three have now put together a project called "OneBiz" , which already is beign talked about in the marketing branch.

Onebiz is intended to allow largely automated content, traffic and link building, and has according to the three heads, the best elements from the worlds of MLM, networking, franchising and affiliate marketing on board. The new cloud service cleaned up everything immediately in the first annoncemnt of the National Internet Marketing Congress in Berlin and reached, since the inception of IMK, record sales from the stand. Amazingly, since hardly anything was known about Onebiz, it is probably more of a strategy from the Knoof'schen viral prelaunch ... and the Häusler'schen marketing school ;-)

Project OneBiz is exciting either way, since it combines a lot of viral ideas, that even the largest networks like Google, Facebook & Co operate extensively. Large networks do not think in link building and SEO, but in viral loops and fractal growth of the company. Something that the Onebiz protagonists have written in red ink on their own banners. I have put here together the 9 billa-test ideas for the construction of viral loops, and what this incredible growth stories of major networks really triggers (and what Onebiz plans):

  1. Web-Based
    To build strong viral loops, the product, the service, or a service should be web-based. Basically, however, viral loops and offline flyers, QR codes, verbal referrals, postcards, call center or mobile smartphone apps can be initiated. Once the viral loops come into the digital world, their perception, but not rarely, spread explosively.
  2. Free
    A key element that keeps the entry threshold for the use of a product or service as low as possible. Take something of high quality, offer it at no charge to first accumulate the largest possible user multitude, which further recommends the free service fervently. Not really new, but a crucial element in the construction of viral loops.
  3. Decentralized
    One of the absolute sticking points in the designing of viral loops is the aspect that all loops should be indeed decentralized but central in service, a website or product. Infinite multiplication of viral loops so to speak, al are entwined together and have a common intersection, namely the landing page with the entry point into the viral loop
  4. Simple Concept
    As is often the products, websites or services must be simple for end users. This applies all the more to build viral loops. It's all about simplicity, intuitive user interface, usability and clear systems. The simpler something is, the better and virally it will work.
  5. Inherent virality
    The core of the viral loop is the so-called inherent virality. This means that the virality in the project must be the product or service "worked into it," so that this results from the use itself. With the use of a product, the virality should unfold and can be increased. Not just by a few nice invitation functions e.g. by subscribing to a service.
  6. Network effect
    Viral effects can almost reach astronomical magnitudes, when the so-called network effect is taken into account. This implies that the benefits of a product, service, or service for everyone involved gets bigger the more users the network itself has. The spread then rises exponentially similarly as with telephone, fax, or Skype.
  7. fractal growth
    Viral Loops must be self-contained and have a large degree of self-similarity. If this is the case, and they work self-sufficienty, fractal growth can occur, which leads to a dramatic acceleration of viral processes. One thinks, for example, of branch and franchise systems. These business models are similar fractals from nature.
  8. Cloning
    The cloning of viral processes is the "holy grail" in the construction of viral expansion loops. Something that works to copy and clone leads almost immediately to a multiplication of the existing results. Through the principle of Clonings you quickly get an idea of why large networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Co lay down such incredible growth stories with almost no advertising.
  9. Self-interest
    Virality is nothing without users who distribute the product, services or ideas. Therefore, the construction of viral expansion loops has a great deal to do with psycology specifically with swarm behavior, mass psychology, and herd instincts. Networks are able to deal with these concepts and provide a perceived self-interest of their users, the chance of success stories of similar size as the social "big players" on the Internet are well have

This is also what the new Cloud-Service OneBiz draws on. The service sees itself as a giant "Social Autoresponder" from which one can publish their content on the Web any time control (scheduling). The plans are sporty, in fact, but who knows the well-known names Häusler and Knoof knows that they are baked certainly not "small bread roll". With the franchise experienced Thomas M. Duda at her side is no less than a "fully automated online and offline-based franchise system" on their agenda. This would indeed be a novelty not only in the marketing scene, but especially in the highly lucrative franchise industry.

Onebiz is to be the first cloud service for fully automated content, traffic and link building. In the near future you can connect with virtually any profile anywhere on the Internet through the system. In these profiles, information and updates can then be fully automated, timed and thematically fed appropriately. Onebiz user might, for example, publish their desired content in any social communities, articles portals, press portals, video portals, blogs, forums, RSS directories, social bookmarking portals, podcast directories or web directories. A service that would indeed be of great interest across board for every online business owner or website operator.

If one looks at the current state of affairs of Onebiz, and the virtual dust which the project has stirred up, then you can certainly be inclined to take your hat off, independent of what is to come. The protagonists somewhat very well understand: a lot of attention, that is, to achieve traffic and to arouse interest. The current Alexarank stands at 601 out of 16 million "" domains, which is really incredible! The statement alone that two former competitors, and "aces" of the local marketing scene merged their company together, already is enough indication. As far as I know, the new system will shortly be multilingual and available also in different currencies.

I have reserved an account already for myself as according to the official website, only a limited amount will be available at the start, to ensure system stability. The application, however, is non-binding, and one never knows, so has at least before***, "his finger on it." So, sign up if you are interested as soon as possible and thumbs up for Onebiz!

Good Luck!

Michael Volkmann

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