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I'm joining some friends around a business part time
I am working with a company with an awesome product: It's free, give money to those who use it and those who promote it!
What we do: associate ourselves with a company that is creating the world's largest shopping community!
We began to receive a free card that gives us between 1% and 5% cashback (money back with every purchase) and also points that can be worth up to € 10 each.
If we offer cards to our friends (who also has a digital version), won 0.5% of all your purchases and purchases from your friends
If we bring businesses to the network we have extra benefits.
Some examples of companies that are associated with this community:
Groupon Booking Sephora Casas Bahia Minute Pao Sugar C & A NIKE Assai Online Shoes, etc.
(In Brazil there are more than 550, and worldwide there are more than 70,000, both online and physical)
Why not arrange a meeting to at least make this card for Free?

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