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When you join with me in you are joining a team with great leadership.  Here is an example of the type of leaders you need to be successful

Celine Egan is a master of Self- Management, as the owner of two successful businesses, a board member of a registered training operator, the Director of Operations for DSWA, wife and mother of three she knows what it takes to self-manage.

Celine, wanting the flexibility to work around a young family, took the leap into the direct sales and network marketing industry with great vigor and has never looked back. Today with over 25 years experience behind her Celine now provides individuals and organisations with training, coaching and mentoring programs in direct sales, time-management, self management, goal-setting and office management. Celine is a firm believer in on-going education and has studied under Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Author) in his Platinum Team with some of the most innovative training and business minds in the world today.

Celine is passionate about making sure that the people she works with walk away knowing that their time has been put to good use and they are armed with the skills, resources and tools to succeed in their chosen professions. Celine is passionate, funny and innovative. Her presentations are packed with ready-to-use information, tools, wisdom and resources.

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