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Last year showed some exciting developments and additions to the KaratBars business. All members now have an amazing, and very lucrative, crypto business as well. KaratBank offers the worlds first gold-backed crypto coin, KBC. If you can buy it on exchanges, do so now, as after July 4 2019, 100 kbc will be exchangeable for 1.0gm pure gold! That's currently $48us.

Changes to the compensation plan mean even bronze level members can earn 100,000 euro commission on JUST ONE SALE! Yes, there is a crypto/gold package worth 1 million euro, and all affiliates can earn 10% commission! Show me any other business that offers so much potential.

For all the details, please review my information video at


I would very much appreciate your feedback.

Be blessed abundantly in whatever you choose for 2019 :-)

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